I rigged up a little grow room in my dining room!


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I have a question, I rigged up a little grow room in my dining room and I have three plants in there. I have it all blocked off with plastic secluded thick plastic with a oscillating fan in there. Is that enough air for my plants? They seem to be growing perfectly fine with no complications thus far but still wanted to ask the professionals, thanks a ton!”


It should be especially if it has different speeds


It’s a 3 speed tornado fan I got from the local Hydro Capital store and it’s constantly oscillating I just wanted to be sure nothing would cause any damage in the long run the more it was going on. Thank you that makes me feel a lot better lol I’d hate for my plants to die!


Welcome to our little piece of heaven there are some great people on here if you have any questions feel free to ask all you have to do is put @Cclm88 the @ symbol in front of the persons name have a great day


@Hogmaster thanks very much for that I can’t wait to explore more! Ihaven’t been on this page but 5 minutes and already feel right at home LOL also would you mind telling me how to order the seeds from robert? I done this in the past and spend $200 on seeds and they never came. So would LOVE to try this again but different. Thanks again.


@Cclm88 I can guarantee you if you order from Robert they will show up and if they don’t they’ll send them again and if they don’t they will refund your money so you have no worries here my friend let me send you a link and if you need any recommendations please feel free to ask



In order to be able to talk more and more go through and start reading and liking the more trust level when you get up the more access and longer you will be able to Contact anyone so definitely do some reading and liking


I agree with @Hogmaster. You won’t have any issues getting your seeds through ILGM. I have had 3 successful purchases without any issues whatsoever. :+1::+1::+1:


@Jmesser80 that’s so great to know! I thank you guys so much!! I’m definitely gonna order some I just gotta get the funds together for them. As I only get paid by Monthy due to my chronic back pain/problems. I absolutely can’t WAIT to do this! Super awesome ILGM!


I recommend chronic widow white widow afghan but you can’t go wrong any way you go they also have auto flower that take 70-90 from start to finish you just won’t get near the amount like you would getting the fem seeds