I received my seeds. Here we go


Journal Update:
WW fems. Jan.30 16 days from germ. 14 days from sprout.
Clones 16 days from receipt. Came to me rooted, droopy and hungry.
All I can say…time is our friend.

WW these are finally taking off small short shrubs are nearly the size of my hand.

The Clones:
Straight Shooter
And Shrimpy

Looking for pruning training advice on those bushy topped clones.

As far as my WWs go, just a question, Why so squat? Just a sign my light is close, but not too close?. Reason being , I have no curled leaves. Is this a correct assumption?

A general grow question as well. Pertaining to the sought after 77 degrees. This considered the ultimate tent temperature or the temp of the plant leaves themselves? When my leave surface says 77 degrees on a laser thermo. , my tent is more like 81. What would the preferred reference be?v


I’ve never grown the white widow, but from most of the journals I’ve seen and from what ILGM says, they tend to be shorter plants with large buds! Looking good!


Yeah yours look just mine & mine were very small & squat to start with. :+1: :smile:


I like topping and supercropping myself. It prepares the plant for SCROG’ing which is what I prefer.

WW is a bushy plant and you will appreciate the tight node spacing come harvest.


I believe these WWs are going to be quite bushy.


And 2 of my clone plants morphed back into veg as single leaf growth. Any one know if it will it change back as it grows?


Mine did . It grew through it and regular leave started . Later on in growth I would be trimming and fine those single leaves and trim them off . They look good .


Lookin good dude! :+1: :smile:


Perfectly normal let it grow it will start to look more like a normal plant soon enough


Third week of growth complete on WW. They are showing good growth width wise, however only one has started to go vertical. Should I pull my 400 HPS up higher for a little stretch or am I better off with flooding the light close?


As far as the clones are concerned, I have found out the strain name. Purplesaurus Rex. Named by the mistake that was made getting a purple something or other accidentally crossed with a recent male. Train wreck maybe. Purple saurus wrecks perhaps?

Anyhow… update. I think they’re doing OK.:cowboy_hat_face: compare to the pix last week.!


@Buds007 how old are those plant? When did it sprout?


Hey @Greasemonkey, I’ll tag you in my journal so you can see what you’ve got coming. The pics I posted were 33days old. :+1: :smile:


Good,Thank you. Just what I was hoping for. A race! …this rookie is going to try real hard to keep up. LOL
Actually simply a comparison grow should teach me a lot here. I will be watching close. Thanks again.


Lol, it’s on dude, it will be rookie vs rookie! :+1: :smile:


31days from seed update.
WW refuse to stretch out. I’ve tried raising the light away to no avail. Can anyone tell me if the stretch will come? I know WW are bushy but these plant are as wide as the 5 gallon pots they live in and only 6-7 inches high. They are really starting to fill out but no height?


…and 31 days since planting clones. They been banished from the tent into a 2.5x3.5 hastily built grow box. The box is lit by the new ViparSpectra PAR450 series light. Not sure how to deal with height once they start going vertical. Can you grow within 12” of this LED? Box is only 32” tall inside. Once the plants go “pow” , I’m don’t know if these will flower tall in a Scrog. I have seen about 20-25 of these clones and the strain looks like it usually stays fairly short when grown without scrogging.


Thought I’d also include a unusual photo of the various spectrums produced by my light. I had yet to latch the door securely when I happened to look down and see a unique sliver of light illuminating the floor at the corner of my grow tent. Notice the individual lines of light so focused and yet dividedly

broken apart.


It almost looks like a seat belt with the sun shining on it. Lol


Day 34 from sprout.

The WW Grow continues:
These plants just want to be shrubs! I tried raising the lights for a few days hoping for a bit of stretch but it did not seem to have any effect. Any suggestions?

Further observation. As I mentioned before, comparing the shape of my leaves to other folks WW grow makes me wonder about gene pools in plants. All my plants seem to follow these heavy broad leave shapes. Check out the size of just one petal.d