I received my seeds. Here we go

For any followers, first time grower here. Just received my WW seeds from ILGM. FYI any USA growers here, I ordered them on Jan.2nd, I got a confirmation Email on the 3rd , and received the package on the 11th. Not too bad there, no drama.8 days out, good service.
There in their glass of water now, going to towel them when I get home. I’ll try to keep a log going.
Where I’m at so far…
Germinated some 9 year old bag seed and got 8 for 8. Put then in Rockwool and apparently cooked ‘em. after their second set of leaves. I checked for heat and did’nt feel any.
Lesson 1) lighting takes a while to really come up to temp.

Next I used 7 more bagseed to germ. 6/7 these where transferred to peat pellets that were prewatered to the manufactures direction.

Lesson 2) the manufacturer does not grow weed. When watering to their specifications,. the peat balls had enough water to first start fuzzy mold on the stems then root rot seemed to take hold.
These WW seedlings after germ, will be put into damp only Fox Farms seed starter soil. Stay tuned and feel free to help me out. I still have a lot to learn here. …and I thought growing simple weeds would be easy.LOL.


Welcome to ILGM forum @Greasemonkey, :grinning:

I wish you a succesful growth :grinning:


Welcome to forum my friend! Lots of experienced growers happy to help with any problems. Just want you to have a successful grow :herb:


Welcome! This is a terrific website. I’m certain you will find a ton of knowledge on here and with the members. I’m glad to hear about your shipping and receiving. Enjoy and good luck.

Welcome @Greasemonkey Just tag one of us if you need any help or have any questions glad to have you aboard

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@Greasemonkey been a little while since we spoke i meet you earlier when you joined
Try going right into solo cups your choice of medium
Forget about the rock wool or peat pods imo
I never use them myself tried them and didnt like
As @Hogmaster mentioned if tou need help tag one of us
We will be more than happy to assist
As well as our members who are extremely knowledgeable
Happy growing CB


I did the 24 soak and they are now between the sheets, snuggled into their wet dream…
My plan does indeed put them into :fox_face: farm seed starter contained in Solo cups. Along my learning curve, I too have developed a dislike for the cubes and pellets. Slightly damp Solo with superfine water mist for this go round. Low temp LED spots will bring them through their juvenile time period.
At what point should I start 400 W MH on them?


Wait until you have 4-5 sets of true leaves I usually put mine under veg lights when I transplant which is also around 4-5 sets
I will start feeding nutes at lmthis time as well

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24 hr in the glass soak. 24 hrs between the towels.
Nothing to report yet…still waiting anxiously.:confused::pray::crossed_fingers:t2:

OK yay. Checked them right before bedtime. We have 5 for 5 germinated WWF. Into the starter they go with slightly damp media @ 68% RH. Tent is in the seventies. Hits 81 sometimes, lights out its 63-64. A little out, but acceptable.



Oh joy. I was talking to a fellow grower (the guy that made me do it.) about finding quality seed. He had mentioned that I might try show clones. This conversation was months ago. Today he texted me and ask if I wanted some of their extra clones. …well Duh :roll_eyes:.
These will debut in this log along side of my WW grow. Of course that means some culling of the crowd to make roo to grow. So I figured I’d return the favor and see if he’s interested in a few WW after they mature a little. Could I please have some critic on these clones?
I’m waiting for some recovery time before putting them to their 5 gallon fabric sacks. At that time I will start nutes. Unless I’m told otherwise. The nute package I’m using that Santa brought is the Aurora 5ML Organic Master pack from Roots Organics if anyone is familiar.
Back to the critic of my clones. Where do I go from here? I wasn’t expecting this gift so I’m I little behind on cloning research.

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I’ll add.
They are currently under high out put T5 6500k. I’m keeping humidity up with u-sonic at 60+ % for now.

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@Greasemonkey Nice score dude, well done! :+1: :smile:

Only advice I can give is to inspect them closely. Many a times , we’ve seen grow room disasters come from bringing in clones from another garden.
Other than that they look great


@Nug-bug Please elaborate.
Two things come to MY mind.
1)Bringing in foreign pests
2) Clones coming off female plants can hermie? That’s a question from me. I’m thinking the stress off cutting a clone can cause hermie issues. That true or are you about to further educate me. Please do.

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No sir I was more referring to the pest side of the equation.
However if his strain has hermie in the genetics then that also applies.

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I’ve been getting concerned with lack of growth. Many times here I see people kicking of amazing growth spurts right out of the gate.

BUT,when I went to move my seedlings looks where MY growth was taking place!



The firat wewk or so moat all growth will be under the dirt
You should atart tbinking about transplanting to bgger containers soon id aay another week or so
I do mine at first sign of roots just a fyi

Clones will be no more prone to hermaphrodite than the parent plant. FYI.

You should find out all you can about the strain that he gave you. You may want to clone the clones lol.

@Myfriendis410, they can only tell me that it is “some purple some or other” a clone of a clones plant. The true name lost to stoners of many years. Aledgedly, mother plant was grown for a seed saved from the 80s. These clones are in the teens of generations away from the mother. I think he’s been growing a sustaining crop for 4 years or so. No answer as to when the 80s seed was actually planted. …or the whole story could be crap!
Truth be told folks, I mentioned this grow with my WW could get crowded.
I have decided to use these clones as “experimental practice” while learning the grow, so not to avoid a f- up on my “ good “ WW grow. Because these are of an unknown strain to me, it seems a crapshoot to put all time and effort in what may be a tired 80 s strain. Seems to me the genetics we have recently would be where to concentrate my learning curve. Does anybody have any input to my reasoning?