I received crushed seeds-now what?

Hello Claire,

I saw that people were writing you in support and thought I would give it a try. I purchased seeds on February 27th, I didn’t received anything for more then a month so I wrote in and support said that they would send out another package. I finally received my post card on April 28th and found that most had been crushed, out of the 25 seeds that were supposed to arrive 16 of them were crushed. 4 crushed out of the 10 True OG kush Fem, 10 crushed out of the Super Skunk Fem( I had reported 7 to be crushed on previous email but after checking I found all the Super Skunk were crushed) and 3 crushed out of 5 of the Purple Haze Fem. Please help, I have waited patiently and am starting to get frustrated being it’s getting too late to plant in this season.

Please Help,

Sincerely Scott

Claire does not really see things posted here in the grow support forum.She does re-post e-mails that are for growing support – here, that were sent to the e-mails, but that is about all.

Keep writing robert@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com or orders@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com.

You could write claire@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com, but that all gets forwarded to robert’s e-mail and Claire and Robert read it there.

Maybe try putting something in the subject line to catch their attention, but that is the only place you can get help with orders, Latewood and I can’t help with orders, only with helping grow.

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I got an immediate response from Claire when I emailed her. Also, when I inquired about shipping, another quick response. AND I’m happy to report-seeds have sprouted in a week!!! I AM STOKED!!!
Good luck with your order and hang in there :wink: :heart: :v:

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Happy to report-7 plants have come up out of 10! Hubby says not to even bother about the other 3. Hope you all have had some good luck with yours!! :heart: :v: Lisa


emphasized text Happy to report that things are looking good at this time! Hope all is well on everyone else’s end! Lisa

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Thanks for sharing Lisa, hope things continue to grow well for you.


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