I really Like the environment!

I have to say I was skeptical about getting involved in forum’s. Every other group/ forum I’ve ever been in via Facebook or whatever it always seems cool at first but then you realize there’s just a bunch of douchebags with hardons strapped to there heads flexing on the net. I got on here to learn, read but mostly stay quiet. I’ve read almost every thread on here and I have to see I haven’t seen one negative comment. Just goes to show how cool the marijuana community is. Makes you think about why the government won’t legalize. Can’t have everyone getting along. Keep it cool y’all!


Well this douchebag wears his hardon on the back of his head so all clear here! :muscle::sunglasses:


My hardon is limp so no problem there haha.

I haven’t dipped into any other cannabis forums but from the comments I’ve heard it can be pretty rough. This community works because strict etiquette is enforced and the members have responded positively.

I have been on other forums over the years and some of them became awful (Jesse’s Hunting) from the Trolls. It’s amazing what someone will say when they are 1,000 miles away.

Everyone here just wants to see you grow good cannabis and maybe see some bud porn too,


I got 2 hard ons I run around swinging them all day screaming . I also love this site and the amount of k owlege and experience that is available

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I have been here long enough to see the buttheads come and go.

Those kind don’t last long here. They are asked to leave.

This is a business, they try to run it professionally.


And hell without this bad ass forum my plants would have looked like this 2 months into flower!


What are they looking like now?

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Ye I. Mentioned something the other day of a similar nature,this is a cool place and it needs to stay that way love this forum all cool like minded people who just want to see each other achieve good things with there plants.


@kw_Bat 3rd week of veg and these are CD clones I got with some serious issues! Thanks to the forum they are coming back!

Thanks y’all!


They do look good!

Your set up, I like it, kinda similar to mine.

Yours appears to have more sweat and blood in it. Same thought process!

Nice job… they will be HUGE soon!


@kw_Bat haha sweet! I wanted to be able to roll mine in and out so it’s up on casters. All the material I had except the PVC and masonry string. Yours looks great and so do your plants!

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Brilliant! OMG, I like it… My space has a very narrow entry way. Therefor, Flush, DWC stuff like that is hard working things, going in and out of the door.

The rolling process is Brilliant!


The smile you send out returns to you.:100:


The way ya have the screens above them. That’s the scrogging I’ve been seeing and reading about right? What’s the advantage of doing that?

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Yes the screen is the scrogging. It helps with keeping a nice even canopy which in turn provides light to all the bud sights. And when they get super fat and heavy :crossed_fingers: it will help hold em up. Also helps keep the plant lower



whole canopy is filled from end to end. All tops across the net and even light disrubtion… pops exactly what @Jbum said


Holy shat!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank u. That was my first scrog only 4 plants in a 4x4. 6 weeks veg to fill whole net


Well I like it. Looks like I have a weekend project.

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Lol how big of a tent u got?

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