I really hope everyone in the usa west coast with all the fires and east coast with hurricane sally are safe and well

Hi everyone its blackmoon .
I just want to put out there that im thinking of you all and especially to those of you in the usa.
Your fires on the west coast all the homes bussiness lives getting lost and the east coast were you have just had a huge hammering with hurricane sally.
It seems ironic.
The fires could have done with the hurricane in a way well at least some good rain to put out the fires.
That hurricane must have been horrific. I have lived in the usa for 2 years mainly in nth Carolina.
So im feeling for you all. Really hope all our forum friends and family are ok safe and well.
Take care


Hi @Kat3ball if your over there i sincerely hope you are ok and safe.

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Good to hear from you . We had some rain but it’s all passed through now. How’s that grow going?

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It is just sickening. I hate to even ask what next. My heart breaks for the west. Our skies are hazy and pink from the fires across the west and I can’t even imagine living under that. I can’t even imagine the pain and heartache of the people who have lost so much. My best friend lives in Mary Esther, FLA and they were hit with flooding, etc., with Sally. What with the fires, the hurricanes, the virus, the way too early freeze in Colorado hitting the commercial grow sites (yet again), the idiotic politics going on, racism, hatred…it just never ends.

Many prayers to our fellow citizens who are suffering unimaginable loses.

Yesterday I found this T-shirt on Amazon and ordered it. For a little levity I suppose. It just really sums up 2020.


Hi @kellydans glad your ok. your welcome to check out my journal this seasons grow.
Blackmoons arising will find you there.
Basically my main grow i dropped 8 stains 2 days ago and then set off to work.
Cant wait to get home thos afternoon to see whats happened to them see how many tails im going to have poking out. It game over here now…
Take care.
Have a good evening my days just begining 6.18am

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I’ll definitely follow along an check your grow out.

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