I purchased gelato and gscx neither are the correct strain

I am growing 14 gscx and 6 gelatos.the gelatos are some jack herer cross or just jack the smell is strong like snowcap. Every single one of my gscx are different not one is the same or even similar to any other plant in any way. Not one of these plants is girl scout cookie or gelato unfortunately. How do I know what they crossed to get these seeds? There are 3 phenos I like but don’t know what they are. One is hands down the fruitiest plant I have ever smelled. I have clones of everything I like and
I’m growing them indoors and out. I just want to know what strain I am growing.

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Welcome @Phenohunter!!
So, you are in the midst of a grow and have some question about your strains.
Submit some pics, at least we can see what your looking at. I’m not a pro here but there are a few peps around that may be able to help you out.

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They all look beautiful :heart_eyes: guess the same way we are not all identical twins as our brothers and sisters, same goes for plants. As I found out from another post @MeEasy stated. Only way to get the same is to clone. Makes sense doesn’t it?

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I concur with @Freebud on all of the comments.

Clone your babies during veg then propagate your best plants for a consistent grow. They look like they a similar but have differences in that they are siblings.

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So a strain like girl scout cookies should have distinct phenotypes. 3 to 5 phenotypes max. I have 14 different pheno types. I have grown gsc and I don’t have one plant that is gsc. So my question is what strain do they cross there plants with because it is not pure girl scout and all my gelatos smell like jack herer.the plants are health I spent alot of time on them. Im happy you guys like the plants but I feel my year is ruined because of ilgms inconsistent strains. Jack herer and gelato are nothing even close to the same. And my girl scout cookie seeds should not all be different.

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Free bud I have been growing for 17 years I have never in my life had 14 seeds of the same strain have 14 completely different plants not one is the same. If it’s gsc there should be certain phenotypes that grow from those seeds.unless it’s not a stable strain because they crossed with something that’s not girl scout. One plant is fruity one smells like haze. One looks like sour diesel and the next looks like Hindu Kush. Not one plant in my garden is gsc extreme or gelato unfortunately. Growing both strains at a different spot from a true seed breeder company

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If you look d at them in person you would see they are nothing alike

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I would open a ticket with support. I not sure about breeder but the best I can do is refer to the description of the GSC Extreme I purchased from ILGM.
I’m not a pro and due to COVID my ofactilary system is still on the mend.
My two plants had some deviation but both were very potent and go a nice lemonade smell. I think…

I Googled Girl Scout cookies extreme and found this….


Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana is not to be confused with the more extreme Girl Scout Cookies strain. It is a cross between OG Kush (bred in California) and Durban Poison (bred in California). It has a lovely aroma, with sweetness and earthiness. You also get a pleasant high after smoking it. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme leaves the user feeling completely relaxed and euphoric. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is the best end-of-the-day strain.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme has a high THC content, which makes it a very cerebral experience. It is also great for those suffering from nausea, major pain, or loss of appetite. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, a fantastic all-around strain of marijuana, is very popular.

Growing Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Girl Scout Cookies ExtremeGirl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana plants grow to a height of approximately medium and have strong, sturdy branches.

These plants are unusual in the fact that if they are grown in cooler climates, the buds will turn a purple color and become densely crystallized.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is a variety that can withstand pests, molds, infestations and so forth.

It is easy to grow even for beginners. It is a great plant to grow indoors and outdoors due to its medium size.

It can reach heights up to 66 inches (indoor plants may be slightly shorter). Because it is a strong and robust plant, it needs plenty of room to branch out.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana plants flower in a medium-length phase, usually around 70 days.

It is a high yielding strain with high levels of THC. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners who want to grow cannabis.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana plants love warmth — think Mediterranean climate. Outdoor plants can expect to harvest about 10 ounces and indoor plants 10 ounces respectively.

Origin Of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Strain

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme was originally bred in California, USA. However, it quickly became a global phenomenon due to its popularity and great success.

It’s a mixture of two strains of marijuana, OG Kush or Durban Poison.

OG Kush (Indica dominant) is a hybrid, while Durban Poison (Sativadominant) is a Sativa.

There are many types of Girl Scout Cookies. These include Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies. Although each phenotype may be slightly different, all of them share the same beloved characteristics as the main strain.

The Extreme Strain Girl Scout Cookies Exercise Strain: A Taste and Aroma

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is a delicious, pleasant-tasting cookie. It has a sweet, earthy scent that is complemented by chocolate and mint. It can sometimes be detected as spiciness in its scent.

The combination of a candy-like sweetness and a little bit of mint makes it equally appealing. Its taste is reminiscent of cookies, with spices, pepper, brown sugar and nutmeg all being mentioned. It can even taste earthy or citrus.

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I’ve been growing 40ish years. Never in my life have I even known the strain I was growing. It has always been bag seed. I’d find a seed, germinate, grow, throw out boys, get what I get. Once, I had a plant I’m in search of now…

You have far more knowledge than I have concerning strains. I’ve not kept up with the progress since my last high times magazine I think northern lights won the cannabis cup. I do however understand wanting a certain strain. I purchased super skunk this year. My plants look different too, as I had stated in my journal when I had noticed. That’s not really my point here though. I was wanting (apparently) Skunk #1. I think, I’ve heard, I dunno. A strain from back in the day if you’ve ever had it you know what I’m talking about. I don’t know if I purchase Skunk #1 seeds if in fact it will be the same or not. I’m thinking not, cause I’ve been chasing it for years :sob: I do know my super skunk smell nothing like a skunk 🤷 But, I’m sure I’ll love it as long as I get high.

You may be correct that you received something that was crossed with something, who really knows unless you’re the breeder. That’s all above my knowledge level. Good luck in getting the genetics you are looking for. I’m praying someday that original skunk shows up.

@Phenohunter , I completely agree I purchased GSCX and every plant is different. All are different heights and sizes and now that they have started to bud several have different looking buds. I honestly thought that maybe I had gotten a batch that had gotten mixed up, and that was fine with me because I wanted to grow more than one kind. Why don’t they let you choose your free seeds instead of getting all the same kind?