I pruned it once when it was about 18" tall. Should I just leave it alone now and let it do it's thing

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I bought some O.G. Kush seeds from you. Here is the result from one of those seeds. I think I’m doing everything right. Do you notice anything from the image I should be doing differently. I live in Tucson, Arizona. I call this “Desert Kush”. The plant seems to have adapted to the extreme heat here. It’s been well over 100 degrees here for a month. It’s 30" tall now. It broke ground on April 1st. I pruned it once when it was about 18" tall. Should I just leave it alone now and let it do it’s thing.


Your going to have a monster plant. Looks good to me. You could prune the bottom up to the top of that cage looking thing. This will provide good airflow and help release unwanted moisture from the bottom of your plant.


Indeed. When that baby begins to flower you are going to have an outstanding yield at the rate ur going! Beautiful plant my man


Doing Great! Awesome grow!


It’s beautiful man you are going to be happy with it

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As @MAXHeadRoom said, it might not hurt to thin out the bottom leaves in the fence to allow good air flow.

Otherwise it is a great looking plant and I am sure you will be very happy when she finishes. Should be a good harvest from the looks of the plant now. Keep 'er going. I will be watching this journal to see how it comes out.
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Hi agree with @Drillbit @TxGrowman. You don’t want humidity to build up underneath. Could cause some bud rot issues and you definitely don’t want that.

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Thanks for the advice. Are you suggesting I actually cut off some of the lower branches, or just thin some of the lower leaf? In case you’re wondering, the fence looking thing keeps rabbits out. The sticky stuff around the outside of the pot is Tanglefoot, which keeps ants, caterpillars, or anything for that matter, from climbing the pot.

You have all the bars on the pot to tie branch’s down, do some LST and let the light get into the middle of the canopy. Nice plant

I’ll try that.

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Bertha is now 38" tall and 45" wide. Can’t wait for her to flower.

Its going to be insane. What region are you in?

Tucson, Arizona

Yea. Id do some light to moderate thinning to get light and air more thoroughly through the canopy and let her rock. Another solid month of vegging. Then the :sparkler: start!