I pre-trimmed the plant before harvest


Usually I get up in the middle of night to perform The Execution, which I’ll do tonight to my Blueberry. But enough about me lol. Today I went ahead and trimmed it while it’s still on the stalk. As demonstrated in this touching visual documentary. You know not like trimmed down to the very bud, but just all the easily removable medium to large sized leaves. Anyway, since I already did it’s kind of too late to be asking if that’s something I should do. I just want your post-event opinion I guess. Something along the lines of “it doesn’t make any difference” or perhaps “you have just single handedly ruined your crop” lol
*I also pre-trimmed 2 other plants yesterday. So.


Lol, no, that’s just fine. You didn’t ruin your crop. It’s much easier to do it that way.


Oh good thanks. I kind of already thought that for some reason, I don’t know why. Also, in a related story I’ve kind of given up on the 4am harvest in favor of doing it “whenever” because I started to think superstition could potentially take over and I’ll be doing the harvest when the new moon is in Orion and Saturn is in retrograde or some shit lol


LMAO! There are actually some people here that do that.


I’m actually guilty of that sort of thing. But too much thinking isn’t good for the plants. They sense your scheming and plotting and get nervous.


I shouldn’t laugh at the superstitious folks, to each his own.

They do sense it, I try to sneak up on them when they’re asleep. Then I torture them.


I know, I mean I totally consider the plants emotions, which might be absurd but for example, I take a plant away from the other ones to kill it because I don’t want to stress out the other plants. Who, you know will be gossiping all night and crying about the loss of their friend n stuff. Lol. Or you know, just kill it, don’t torture it by cutting off it’s branches first that’s not nice.


LMFAO! That’s too funny, but we do that, don’t we? We give our plants emotions. Like they’re gonna know the difference. I actually like to cut from the main stem, like cutting off its head, so that it doesn’t “feel” pain. Lol


Ok this is kind of face bookey but they did this experiment where there was two plants at this high school. One plant was admired by the students the other plant was “bullied” yelled at, cursed at, etc. And it totally withered and died whereas the other plant grew well. So the whole moral to this story, which just seems to go on and on… lol I shouldn’t have snorted that… is never yell at your cannabis plants. In fact take them out to dinner and treat them like a lady. Sure when people see you having a candle light dinner they will call the mental health authorities and have you arrested. That’s the lengths you’ll go to for your loved one, ms. Banana Kush.


Oops. Sorry, it’s starting to kick in lol


I talk my plants all the time. Well, I berate them & goad them on some days, and others I cootchie-cootchie-coo-who’s-a-good-plant them. Some days I plead & beg with them, followed by threats of an early harvest.

They seem to like it. :joy:


I sing to my plants, but I think it’s just the extra C02 they like, not my voice.


FWIW, when I carried my OG Kush plant (alive in its fabric pot) into my drying shed, and realized that its previous close neighbor plant was hanging dead from the rafters, I felt a little bad.

“Hey Nostril, why are we moving? Ooh, nice shed. Wait, is that… Gold Leaf?!!”


Ya I’m with Ya as far as the 4am butcher knife in hand sneaking up on your girls when their not looking thing goes.


Totally. Don’t put them in the dark room next to the ones that were hanged!! They’ll know!! Lol


Absolutely the co2.


It’s one thing to kill them another thing intirely to terrorize them first! LOL


A video of @raustin singing to her plants


Awe, I’ve never seen that before. She was so young!


Omg! Im outta likes but this made me literally laugh out loud!