I Power bud trimmer. Anyone using 1? Pros/cons?

This seems to be a good popular item these days. Anyone using this type and brand? Seriously considering getting one. Any input is greatly appreciated. TIA!

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I have one, it turned my beautiful buds into a pulpy mess. Never again.

I have been using a Trim Daddy for much of a year and it is great, but it still lacks the precision of hand trimming. I think I will stick with a pair of Fiskars.


I’ve read about that in 2 other reviews so far but that’s out of 800. Watched a few other growers on youtube get good results.

So the question is are you the one it will work or the one that it won’t? 50/50 can’t wait to hear about it, if it works let me know so I can get one.

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Wont be till after xmas unless I find a good black Friday sale lol. For the 98% positive comments on the item I may take my chances. Bill Ward for one has a YouTube video on it. Does seem there’s a learning curve lol.

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