I power 600w light system


@latewood I was wondering if you could help me with a question. I was wondering if you personally use this light setup and if so, how do you connect your ventilation ducting to the light? If you could upload a picture or something, that would be great. Thank you very much for your help!


Thank you @number1fan for the response! So in the recommended light section latewood has a 600w light setup that does not look like it’s meant for ducting. I was wondering how the ducting was set up for climate control. I’ll be using a 4’x4’ or 5’x5’ tent and want to make sure I have an understanding of what it is that I will be needing.


this is the air cooled fixture a few of us use


This link is to an Ipower 600w air cooled system.


Nice! I was looking at that one specifically earlier today! I’m saving up now to make sure I don’t need to cut any corners in regards to my setup. Thanks for the reassurance man


I own 2 of those myself! Can’t beat the price for what you’re getting!


and the fixture is $20 less expensive from last year.

LED light prices are coming down, too, with all the people breaking the law…a law laughed at on television, in the newspaper, by the population in general as a safer habit than cigarettes and alcohol…as a way to break the opioid addiction cycle…as a way to treat illnesses for children and adults…or just to get home after a stressful day and unwind. The laws in the individual states of the USA are influencing the decision where to relocate for some folks.

It’s a great time to grow indoors (and unfortunately become a criminal) with all the competition for our money.


Haha! Very true! Thank you so much for the wonderful replies! Sorry for the late response I was dealing with a category 2 hurricane and the flooding aftermath all day today. Couldn’t respond until now, thank goodness for Verizon giving me unlimited data.


Yes. I have the exact system and a 400 watt model also.

Go to hardware store and buy 25’ or whatever you need of 6" flex duct. Connect carbon filter on one side, and ducting out of tent to fan out an upper port (in a tent), or out an exhaust port in the window, wall, or floor

Smaell is sucked into filter, through light hood, out through duct work, trhough fan and out to wherever you exhaust to.

hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Definitely helps, love the detail. That was exactly what I was thinking of getting for the grow tent. Perfect, I’ll see if my local hardware store has a good deal on insulated ducting. It’s better at keeping the heat from the light in the duct work and out of the tent.


In an outdoors green house that has some natural ventilation if I were to have 1 one of these light set ups would it cover 4 plants? The green house has a clean plastic so some natural day light with get in, however I feel that I will have to supplement the light situation and want to make sure this set up would be enough for the 4 plants. Will this work well for yield? The greenhouse is 10x10x6 and will have my other plants in it for the winter.


So, from the sound of your message @GroGirl, and correct me if I’m wrong, you are wanting to utilize this light to supplement the natural sunlight in your area? If that is the case and you are wanting to use it ONLY during winter then I can say this would be a good light or at least a decent light. It has a decent PAR per watt rating and good heat output for the application. As long as your winter isn’t crazy cold, I think you should be OK.


Although I will also say, after re reading your message, it would seem that this light may not be strong enough for your 4 plants especially if they are being grown outdoors with less size restrictions. Might want to consider going to a setup of 2 lights spread out to cover 2 plants each. Better light quality=better quality plants. Just my 2 cents hope this helps @GroGirl!!


Without details and probably pictures of your grow, it would be hard to tell, but generally speaking, 16sqft (4ftĂ—4ft) is the largest area a 600watt hps can handle.

Hopen this helps :slight_smile:


That 600 watt light will cover a 4’ x 4’ area.
The hood keeps the light focused on that “footprint”.

There are light movers to help cover a larger area


HI guys…I want to use 23 lamps of 600 w each,I have 100 square metres available,and I don’t know how many auto-flowering plants should I put?And how much yield can give me one plant?I have aluminium foil,ventilators…extractor to get out the heat from the room,should I also use a ventilator to get me fresh air inside the room?or should I use just a co-2 generator?and what type of pots should I use?I have 8 kg and 10 kg.


The lights thats are made in china and I have had 2 burn out in as many months so remember you get what you pay for on alot of things if you are on a budget and just wanna get started go for it but the hood looks fine its the ballast and cheap ass bulbs. hope this helps


I have used the 400w Ipower for 2 years with no issues other than a 15 dollar MH lamp burned out. Ballast is great. Sometimes you get a bad one.

For everyoner. Several of us growers here at ILGM are using the Ipower systems and no one has had any issues.

I also own a 600 watt model that is running right now over a year no issues.

lw - ILGM admin


This is not the place for ventilation system support. Post your question in the appropriate forum category. Thanks

Happy growing :slight_smile:


An updated link to Ipower lamp system on Amazon