I posted something about Estas Tonne here, and it got flagged (why not a stoner music topic)

I don’t know why - I figured anything we enjoyed while we got high was a good thing, and I often travel into unique areas of music especially new age and classical. All I wanted to do was introduce you to a new artist that some of you might be interested in. I realize if we create a music topic it has nothing to do with growing MJ itself. But what we do and how we enjoy the feeling is a part of the whole experience, like filling up sketch books with felt pen drawings like a Peter Max poster…

And it would be filled with inputs very fast

But I don’t understand why what I posted got shot down

Please explain this to me and what I did wrong - so that I do not make a mistake again

Buddy, the moderators here on shit. You get into a heated discussion with somebody and they’re jumping in warning you I meant don’t get me wrong I like the fact that we can talk openly here and not get shit on by 30 other people like I see on grasscity and roll them up or whatever they are but man sometimes they treat us like we’re kids I understand where you’re coming from I got into it with a moderator one time over nothing

relate it to growing, plants grow better with cool music playing around them.

Even Robert himself thinks so :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Read full article here

I see the video in the forum log
Not sure why it was flagged or taken down @FrikkinFrank
I checked it out I see no reason why you can not repost it if you want
Just to let you know sometimes the system will automatically Flag a post for one reason or another and when another member flags a post we as moderators or mentors have to get involved

As long as it’s your thread you can post videos and music of your choice as long as those videos comply to forum rules

Please make sure there are no links in videos to competitors sites if they do they will be taken down

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Just checked out his live concert vid on youtube…Wow
I believe hes playing in a tuning like DADF#AD…Great stuff.
Thanks for turning me on to him. @FrikkinFrank

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Otay ( @Countryboyjvd1971 ) I’ll try it and see, but if it’s triggered by ads at youtube there is no telling or control of what ads appear although I have yet to see anything like ILGM adverted on YT :sunglasses:

For those wondering what “Estas Tonne” is about, here is a link to his Youtube page:

I dunno if that will get THIS thread or post flagged, but we can try and see


I tell you what - I have created that thread (Stoner Music Videos) and so far it looks like it is working like a champ.

Now all it wants is for anyone who wants to jumping in and sharing music that they love

Go there, all of you. It’s a lot of fun!

You can find it here: