I planted the seeds 4 days ago and i don't see any sprout yet

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I live in Denmark, and marijuana is still illegal-ish here. It’s not allowed to buy or sell cannabis here, but you can buy seeds. Luckily, the law is slowly leaning towards legalizing it, and recently the ruling party made majiruana temporarily legal for medical use and is now importing it as well.
Therefore, since i believe it will become legal in the future to buy and sell it, i bought some seeds and wanted to experiment a bit with some guerilla farming.
I found an area with lots of sunlight, and judging by the pretty tall and hard grass the dirt should contain a fair amount of water for the plants.
I’ve partially read the outdoor section, but i’m not sure if the seeds will sprout at all. All i did was dig a small hole (approximately 30 cm diameter and 40 cm deep), fill it with gardening soil, stick the seeds about 3 cm in the ground and give the soil and surrounding dirt a liter of water. I planted the seeds 4 days ago and i don’t see any sprout yet.
Should i give the seeds water frequently? When can i expect the seeds to sprout?

Most people will start seeds indoors to increase germination rates. It can also take up to 2 weeks for germinatiin, especially if conditions are not ideal (too cold, too hot, too dry, too wet, etc).

Do you at least have a humidity dome or something over the planted seeds?

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wet paper towel. when 1/4" to 1/2’ tap root…put into small plastic cup till just head shows.
keep moist. Once sprout is 1.5 inches tall…transplant to permanent spot.

Well you should have spouted them first, but ya just make the soil moist not soaking wet ….ok