I opened my paper towel to this?

HELP I opened my paper towel to this what do I do? Is it ruined?

It is a bit tough to see but the seed part is off the root/ plant part. Can I still put it in the hydro plug ? Or is it ruined?

If the taproot has broken off from the seeds shell you’d be correct that this is no longer usable. Taproots are very fragile and must be very careful when removing from paper towel as well as when putting into whatever medium you’re using.

It is strange it dosnt look like the root is off it looks like it has a little leaf on the top of the root and it just separated from the seed pod?

Pic is hard to see. If that’s the case the root seems to have started to naturally push she’ll off. If it’s attached to foliage plant it.

It looks like it is kinda a little leaf just that it is white not green because it has been in the dark. Do you think I should plant it with the leaf just a tiny bit sticking out or under ?

What are you using to start? Roots do not like light so dark is good for them. If your using rapid rooter or similar put in root down and I like to take a little coco coir and sprinkle over the hole to cover it up and makes easier for plant to push up and out.

I started with rockwool and got a good germination on a seed put it in and the leaves pipes out and it died after a week. Just turned brown I was very disappointed so I did another got a food tail and put it in and waited misted 2x daily had a dome…after several days it looked like the root just started to I dont know just die…so I started again with this seed and now it looks like it is some sort of mess…maybe I am not cut out for this…in the mean time I have germinated tomatoes and lettuce and several other seeds with fantastic success and they are all in the rockwool and growing in their little homes…just the weed hates me!sorry apparently spell correct also hates me today…geez

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I don’t use rock wool but thinking you may have them to wet? Not allowing air to the roots would suffocate them? Don’t give up this is the most rewarding hobby I’ve ever tried. Yes can sometimes be frustrating but once you get the hang of it it’ll be way worth the time and effort. I like you struggled when I started out. Then I found this site and the people here are amazing and will help out any way they can. I’m going to tag a few others to see if they can help out as welll. @MattyBear @garrigan62

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If you are really interested in growing cannabis, download and study Robert’s Grow Bible.
I don’t have a link but if you go to the ILGM Seed Store, there are links and it is a free download.
That is how I got my start and I have never looked back. I started exactly one year ago and will be taking my fourth grow to harvest in the next few weeks.

This photo is from my first grow about one week before harvest

Robert’s Grow Bible gave me a great start. Each grow since has gotten better - my current grow will yield between 3 and 4 lbs of top shelf.
This first grow yielded 27 oz of smokable bud with about 10 oz of that being top shelf.

You can do this too. I had never grown anything in my life.

Edit: This grow was 5 plants. ILGM White Widow, Gold Leaf


I did not see what strain or the source of your seeds.

I believe that seed genetics are also very important.
I have only grown ILGM seeds because I know they have reliable and excellent genetics.

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Thank you @Midwestnewbie for the tag.

Ok. If the rockwool isn’t working. Break out the paper towels and dish.
If your in the States go to lowes or home depo or even walmart
And get a bag of MG potting soil on the back of the bag bottom left look for then N P K it will read something like. 0.6 0.4. 0.6 that’s close i believe but you’ll get it. Then get a bag of worm castings and a bag of Perlite that’s it.
Place your seeds on the paper towel cover them with another paper towel and using WARM water pour over not alot just make it damp and make sure that the paper towel doesn’t dry out. In 18 maybe 20 HR’S your seeds should be poping open, now mix your worm castings with the MG and perlite . You can use two hand full of worm castings plants love the stuff and it won’t harm your plants and throw a couple hand full of perlite also for drainage.
Let me now how it goes for ya best of luck to ya
And welcome to ILGM


The seeds are ilgm and I started with the bluberry auto now that I have killed 2 of those I have moved on to the amnesia haze and it seems like I have maybr killed one of those so I also have northern light so … I can’t give up !! I am not a smoker but my daughters are and I am tryinh to convince my father to use medical !! I am a master Gardner so I know I can get this!! I can’t use advice from this state so all my advice has to come from you guys and your wisdom !! I am thinking this will be a lot of fun as a hobby if I can just get it going! My daughters said I was fired as their grower after my first 2 kills!! Lol


Beautiful grow! Great job!!

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Merlin44 beautiful plants !! I can hope to become that good !! 4 plants is my limit here but so far I am just hoping fingers crossed for 1!! :blush:

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I scrolled through your topic @are, you have not tagged anyone.
If you want to talk to someone or get their attention for an issue,
you should tag them by putting @ before their screen name, like I did with your name.
When you tag someone, they will receive a notification that you are addressing them.

This is not required of course, but you will get more response when you need help.

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Thanks I didnt know how to do it I am kinda new …I have been learning learking but not much posting of my own.

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Here is the link for downloading Robert’s Grow Bible. It will make a huge difference, if you follow the instructions and guidelines. You will develop your own style with time and experience but should start with the basics to learn the required skills. The Grow Bible is a great starting point.

I had absolutely no growing experience (of any kind) prior to growing cannabis one year ago.
My observation has been that many folks that know a good deal about growing vegetables and ornamentals sometimes, initially, struggle with cannabis for some reason.

Perplexing :thinking:


Thanks @merlin44 and Happy Anniversary! :fist::v::bear:

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Happy Anniversary @merlin44!

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