I noticed these spot on my clone leaves this morning

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m a beginning grower and I took my first clones a few days ago; I noticed these spot on my clone leaves this morning. I’m hoping that it is just dust for my garage, it is an old garage, but I wanted to ask if you recognized it as a fungus disease or parasite indicator and if so if youknew a remedy I could try. I’ve attached a few pictures to show the spots and blemishes on my clone leaves.

Are they pics of the plant or just the clone. If it’s just the clone then don’t worry the original leafs on clone will die off anyways but if on mother plant need pics of whole plant to see if they need att or if there’s just to much love going on

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I checked my originals and they look good; however, I did notice the tips of the leaves on some curling up. I have read somewhere that this is an indicator of a problem. I just can’t remember what the problem was or where I read it. I’m not so worried about my clones but I am concerned about my originals.

Any suggestions?

Can u do a pick of whole plant so I can see the leaf issuse you are haveing there will always be some leaf blemishes but the curl could be a lot of things so whole plant pic