I never knew how lucky i was


When i was a younger man " 1970’s" i grew weed outdoors commando style in corn fields by night mostly sneak in plant in between rows jab in jobe’s plant sticks come back in month or so jab some more sticks in fall harvest before farmer brown bales my stash worked most of the time but there were some real happy cows now and then. My partner and i made a fair amount of cheddar . Where i was going is how lucky we were to get lots of females hardly any diseases or other such nonsense but i have plants in a controlled environment and it s like meltdown all the time im sure this will get better once i get the tune right but its not just throwing seeds in dirt.


Some great smoke came for behind my parents barn where the old manure pile use to be . The soil was rich , black in color .


hahaha…yup @Rexx. This is my first grow since the 70’s and it’s a new game. AND I’m not even trying to grow indoors. Power to ya who go that route.

I’m sure you’ll get where you’re going. Lot’s of good folks here willing to offer help.


Well i have had 2 grows before this real small yields but its been holding me over im just an oldish pot smoker enjoying it being legal and not have to worry about losing my house ex wife got the first one


@Rexx I’m on my 4th grow indoors I can remember a time when someone very close to me used to play music and just sit and chill I always thought I always thought this is great no problem but now I have made the plunge for my own medical reasons and I’m all indoors but I love checking everything trying to understand what’s happening and if it should be happening, 1 thing I was always told is that your eyes don’t Lie and to get used to how things look what’s different but now there is so much more moral off the story you will definitely get there just keep on going mate they will show you plenty of love back :v:️happy growing.


I think part of it is i can see them everyday before i just hoped things went well indoor you might tend to overthink things .


Just relax and enjoy the ride :+1:
After a few grows you will not visit them everyday :joy:


Every indoor grower does :wink:


I wonder if you do a stealth grow in a crop field if the cannabis plants get to enjoy the pesticides and herbicides that the farmer uses on the crop. I also wonder if there are any herbicides commonly used in crop farming that kill cannabis plants.


Last year I had an over abundance of seedlings so I decided I’d put my extras outside so I drove to a couple different locations but one was a State park parking lot I planted2 plants right in the perimeter of the tree line I cane back after the long dry summer thinking they wouldn’t even b there a to my surprise both had nice buds and were alive. I couldn’t believe nobody seen them especially because the grass area is mowed by park rangers ! It was actually smokable stuff.


@Rexx My thoughts exactly sometimes more isn’t always the best. Natural with minimal help is classic! I still don’t understand (and I am not being judgmental, just trying to understand) why a seed has to be started with all the rigamaro (?) when dirt (soil) works just fine (I do understand indoor grows). I may not be able to express what I am trying to say (I was in a coma for 11 days) so what is the difference between the two sprouts when they come up? The ones in soil don’t have to be handled and the ones in the above stuff have to be handled and transplanted. Gosh my old ladies brain just can’t figure it out.


My first attempt to grow I dropped ten seeds in jiffy pot soil starters. I didn’t orient them or do anything but just put them in the seed starters. Every single one sprouted and grew nice and healthy. We tend to over think things. :slight_smile: All that being said, when we are buying seeds for $5+ per seed, I think we all want to ensure we do whatever we can to guarantee successful germination, hence the rigamarole.


@Bogleg It’s not the practice I think I am trying to say, there is no right or wrong way. It’s the reasoning(?) does that make sense? Does it make the seed better, germinate faster, grow better, that kind of question. Sometimes for me to understand I have to know the reasoning then I can put the sense together! :woman_farmer:t4:


I think all the effort is really about trying to reduce failure. I think that’s really all there is to it. If we all had 500 seeds on us we’d be a lot less OCD about germinating them, I imagine. I know I would.


@Bogleg Oh yeah no kidding! I am kinda doing that with what am I going to do for summer. I can only handle so many plants and I have more good seeds than spaces. I have finally come to the conclusion to only use Fem seeds that way I know what to expect but it’s still hard. :woman_farmer:t4:


How many does that take? I can’t keep my eyes off my girls, and I’m on my 5th grow! I spend more time unzipping tents than I ever thought I would. Lol! :grin:


$5 a seed?! I wish. I decided to risk it and bought a single seed for $11.87 (lsd-25 auto-fem). Luckily, it popped & is on its way. I would have been very sad, had it not germed.

$5, huh? I need to start shopping where you shop, for sure!


theres couple reasons I start my seeds indoors. when I use to sow in ground, I would use multiple seeds per hill. I would nvr know how many was going to sprout, due to weather(temp, rain fall). starting indoors really increases my overall harvest, since plant has month or two growth before putting in outside spot. I don’t have to gamble as much with possible late frost.


I have 3(finished) grows under my belt now and I’m very proud to say that make me a relaxed guy :joy:… I still need help if I have “new” problems (something I don’t saw before).
I put a lot of soul into it and I read and watch a lot about everything related to mj, also I’m a quick learner so this makes everything easier :+1:


I just like looking at them. I unzip, pop my head into the tent, and then leave. Repeat 20 times a day.