I need to learn how to make the colors pop

I have been growing blue haze and blue cheese but can’t get those colors to pop. I know it has to do with the temperature but how and when to do it eludes me. anyone has a technique or system that could help mr?


Dropping temps to 50’s, low 60’s the last few weeks seems to help but it’s really up to the phenotype. Some plants put out the color with temp drops, some don’t. Some put out colors without doing anything.


Cold nights and going water only last 2 weeks but no guarantee on color change, some will, some won’t.


Not a technique or system but my natural temps give me a 20f plus swing daily. Have never seen it hit 50’s but closing tent at 84f and opening it at 62f is a normal day. A plant that doesn’t take on any color is more of an amazement to me at this point. I’d focus on swing rather than low temp.


Any thoughts from ilgm on their blue haze. I was hoping to see blue like in the picture

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Honestly looks like a lighting trick


One of the mods on here was saying in a different thread that raising the ph to around 10 would also chnge the color. If i find the thread I’ll come back inna while.


It’s @imSICKkid

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Yeah it was & here’s what he said


Just ph your water super high during the last 2 weeks and you wont have to try to achieve stupidly cold temperatures in your tent or room.

The cold weather just slows down nutrient uptake which causes lockouts and deficiencies…which is the purples and reds you see in flower.

The reason I go high instead of low is because cannabis plants like more acidic mediums more then they do in alkaline environments. So as long as your up above a ph of 10 then you’ll get the colors like you would if you stuck the plant in 50°F nights.


That is most definitely playing with lighting. That Blue Haze is probably just a normal green plan in reality


I have been trying to figure out how to bring out the nice colors as well.

I have a grow going with two purple colored plants with 15+ degree swings every day/night. Week 6 of flower and nothing yet.

I also read that pH brings out colors. High pH for blues, low pH for reds, and purples are suppose to be more neutral pH. Haven’t tried it yet.

Recently read about a product call Purpinator to enhance terpenoids. Terpenoids are responsible for smell and taste and are found in every growing plant. The smell of roses or pine trees or lemons are determined by the terpenoids within the plant.

The company previously came out with a product called Terpinator that enhanced the terpenoids in an attempt to enhance aroma and taste of any phenotype. They now have a new product called Purpinator that does all that but enhances purple colors in a compatible phenotype. Doesn’t help with blue or red colors. Just got it in today, hope in a couple months to have three beautifully purple LA Confidentials. I’ll let you know.


Yeah, not gonna happen, that’s playing with colors in photoshop or something. True blue is a very rare color on buds.

My Blue Dream - not blue at all

I think my Cherry Ice Cream has more blue in it than most “Blue” strains


This amherst diesel started adding purple a week or so ago and has another week or two left. This is a couple days ago, it’s added more color since.
Night temps don’t drop below 67 and day tops out at 75 so not too cold.


We devolving this into a color bomb thread…? I’ll help!


I haven’t done anything to endure or change alter or anything yes my night temps have got in low temps bit 3 other girls green as all can be idk what does it last plant this strain didn’t do this same batch of seeds and all. The mystery of marijuana


My Blue Haze from ILGM.


Those all look superb. I do have more of a problem judging when a plant is done the more purple it is. Beautiful buds. Very nice. Don’t have the eye for that yet. Wonderful pictures. Learning. Nice. Very nice. All of them.
Anyone have a picture of a purple bud ready for harvest? Like a close up of the trikes? I like that. Bud porn.

I bred a Blue Cheese with a Cindy Haze. Came out beautiful. Named her Spoiled Rotten Princess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This was a jack herer. The plant was chopped a week after the trich pic


Thank you! Super nice plant.