I need to know if I should do some trimming 26 days Its topped

Today my plants are 26 days old they have both been topped and have about an inch and a half of regrowth on both new stands for both plants my question is should I do any trimming on the bottom of the plant if so when trimming should it be cut off right at the main stem then I was going to use bread ties to pull down my first set of stems after the trim or should I just leave it alone put up my trellis net and give it another week before I switch over to 12 on 12 off? Everybody’s input has been so helpful thus far hopefully I’m able to help out everyone as much as they have helped me

they are in 3 gallons smart pots I think he goes by pounds not sure

I personally would do some LST on her, and I’d wait another 2-3 weeks before making the 12/12 switch :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

Yeah I’m going to wait I have a Cal mag issue actually question not issue a half a teaspoon per gallon is that correct

And the only problem I’m coming with trimming most of the lower branches have several other branches coming off of them and I’m not exactly sure what I should trim it’s a stocky fella but some Of the bottom Stamms reach all the way to the top with the smaller stems they go through to the top of the planned that will have beautiful flowers on them where the tops are

My lights come back on in 50 minutes when I do I will lift up the lower branches and take some pictures hopefully someone would be able to help me on my trimming that way I did do some trimming I just don’t know if I did enough

Doing the low stress training I’m using fabric pots does that make it easier or harder because I know I don’t want to go down into the dirt

@ktreez420 did I screw up

Haha no way dude, you did great! Look at all those branches I can see now! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

Not so sure about that everyone is saying there toast I think they will pull through time will tell

All you did was LST? Right?

They’re definitely NOT toast lol :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

They were too short to LST I trimmed a few leaves so I was able to LST I know I took off a few leaves I should not have but did not really have a choice

@Hogmaster go into the Beginner section of the threads , than look for my old thread named "Having issues like most newbies " and look at the photos in that thread and look how bad I treated my plants in my early trials of inside growing with learning LED lights . But in my mistakes I’ve learned how to main line my plants by making a mistake , than I broke several branches , duck tape them and they healed themselves and still produced big buds . Here is a photo of the plant as I was harvesting it but there is more photos that I don’t have any more in the thread .

This a plant I trimmed entirely to much after burning it extremely bad by over feeding it with fox farm nutrients , flushed it out and manage to learn how to feed and measure my nutrients right and the plant took off and yield 3 1/2 ounces .

Here is a few photos I’ve found of my Amnesia Haze auto flower . Here the photo of my first plant ever I stressed to hell and back I was telling you about , I figured out how to copy and save it to my file . Here is photos of my blueberry auto flower and harvest . So don’t be afraid to trim are experiment , you will never know the results .