I need to finish my crop a week early

I need to finish my crop a week early what best thing to do I was told ripin is a good nutrient to finish off I have found few seeds in 2 of my plant in my tent the other plant are good checked every plant please help

Why do you need to finish early? And do you have pictures of your plants?

Cold air (drop the temp during day and night) , ice ontop substrate, put a knife thru the stalk and pull it out

You want to make the plant feel like it’s going to die

Hi mate I have found a few seeds in some buds in 2 plants the rest are ok just worried if it pollenates the rest of crop only 14 days to do till it is pulled down but was thinking of pulling the 2 plant out and going right threw them and picking what I see out of bud


Seeds don’t provide pollen, pollen sacks do. If you already have seeds pulling the plants early isn’t going to make them go away. The pollen was released some time ago.


This the thing I have gone threw them and can not find any pollen sacks it mad there fem seeds I used from dinafem purple moby dick me temps are spot on 27 light on 21 lights off

I think those plants have a longer than 2 weeks to go. I would disregard any snake oil techniques and let them go. What you want to look for is pollen sacks and remove all that you can find.

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What snake oil technic

Any suggestion then mate

Any and all of them lol, in regards to making plant finish early.

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Your weed has already seeded. So you can have bud that’s way underdeveloped with seeds in it, or you can have matured and ready to harvest buds that have seeds.


What he’s saying is look for bananas, if you have seeds it’s too late. No need to use chemicals or tricks to speed up time to harvest.

Find out what caused the issue and prevent it from happening in next grow


It seems only 2 plant have a seed not loads just like one here and there took sample of a few bud of each plant the 2 am on about have like 1 seed in each bud when ripped apart the other plant we’re fine dose this mean the plant self pollinated and will just stay on that plant I have turned my fans off and misted with water to try and stop it Speading

I know what happen after I investigate I have but light leek in tent gonna get new tent it was a pass down tent from a friend so I’ll just invest in new tent

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And I can not find any bananas have magnifying glass on them I know what they look like a mate mine had them

Not really. Turning your fans off and spraying your plants with water is just asking for mold or bud rot, I wouldn’t continue to do that either.

If you can find which plant(s) are going herm you can remove those and hope for the best.

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Those pitches were take. Last week I am on my final 2 weeks all hairs going orange bud hard and tight

As @dbrn32 stated. If they have seeds the pollen was released some time ago and the damage is done. You can continue to look for nanners but whatever plant had them had no reason to continue producing them once the plant was pollinated.