I need to Extend Veg Stage, but Flowering has Begun - Photos

Here on the coast, when flowering occurs in September, mold is big problem. In past grows I pushed veg stage until late September. Rats -> I slipped up and did not apply night time light soon enough this season. Flowering has begun a bit. - See photos.

Based on amount of flowering neow, is it possible to get back into Veg stage w 16-24 hours of light?

Thank you for whatever guidance. Flowering is slight to kindof well-formed on the main tips.

*I’m scrogging and LST’ing.

IMG_8337 IMG_8339 IMG_8338

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You can start adding the supplemental/additional light hours, it won’t hurt them

Thanks, Triple-A ->
I’ve read some places that it might “confuse” the plants… ? Maybe that they end up with a lesser bloom or that they’re in some kind of no-veg/no-flower limbo???

Have any experience or links for that? Thanks -> !

I’ve been giving them about 20 hours the last three nights.

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They will start to reveg depending on how long you keep them under 20 hrs. They’ll start throwing some weird leaves.

My guess based on what I’ve seen is 3-4 weeks to transition.

So 3-4 to start to reveg and 3-4 to start budding again.

No links, just my experience. I’ve had plants reveg this year and last year.

Not the best thing in my opinion, but will get you to your harvest window.

Great. thank you VERY much, AAA. Will stay on it.

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My pleasure.