I need the grow bible

I have tried to get another bible. I read the other books you all have sent me. And I did as you said I shared my copy before I put on my computer hard drive. So is there a chance to get another. I’m always rereading them. It’s like a movie, the more you watch you see something different. Same with reading these. I always discover or reaffirm my thoughts on the reading So can I get another.

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Just click on the Free Bible link here on the forum, and you can download the pdf.

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Still not getting it. Not in spam I checked. Took me a long time to know what lol means so I really didn’t know what PDF meant. Sorry! I’m trying to learn what people are saying using just the first letter, Old school that’s me. I’m 60 and have smoked 43 years. Now trying this. As a retire contractor who would only work by code ,half doing it is not in DNA . Anybody can do it but can they do it right. That’s my same approach to this. So as I learned over the years is that sometimes you have to break it down all the way until they understood .In respect to the staff of ilgm ,I thank you for All the help .But sometimes I may not get it and that’s why I try to read as much so as not to get on anyone bad side because I didn’t understand.

Here ya go my friend…

Robert’s free Marijuana Grow Bible –


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Still trying. I keep getting Missing Next Page when I click on the download button.

Ok…I’m going to go and see what’s up with that.


It worked for me…tell you what send me or better yet I’m sending you a private message. Reply with your e-mail address and I’ll send it to ya via email…ok


Well it’s not working. I’m going to send the front office a fix it message.


I sent the front office a fix it message. So it may take a few days before we hear anything.


It just worked fine for me.

I went here
and then used the “Free Grow Bible” link and
it was sent to my email address, I opened download
link in the email and then click through a bunch
of pages and looks to me complete.

Ok I’ll be patient.I’ve still tried even going to the other areas were I know the offer will pop up and I get as far as Missing Next Page. And I know I’ve been able to get it before. My mistake as I said was not saving it to my hard drive. But you can bet I will when It comes. Thanks again for all your help with this.

Yet; No one addressed; “What is a pdf file”. A file created by Adobe. The format extension that the Grow Bible is offered.

Ok…that may be true. But if you click on the link that I provided. It takes you where you add your. E- mail . Address. You click it and all you get is a blank page. No way to know that the document is in pdf format an extension for Adobe reader. Either way it don’t.


Tried the link yesterday and just now at 8:00 in the morning. Still not receiving .

I may have just discovered whats wrong. I went through the blog up top and tried to down load that pop up at the bottom . Well when it went through it said my e-mail address was invalid and I’ve never used any other. Why would it say that and we have been messaging back and forth?

Try this link. fnd sent it to ya.
This one did work for me give it . A try.


I just tried the link. I am mine boggled about this . I don’t need to order ww. I have her.It said it would be set to my e-mail but its a no show again.I don’t give up easily . So I’ll keep trying . Thank again. Could someone check to see why It said my e-mail was invalid. Usually some sites don’t want to recognize my name. I’ve had it come back with put in a valid name because that site would not take the way it is spelled and I couldn’t complete what I was after at that site. Could that be happening here. Know I got it when I started.

Just went to the seed site went to the bottom of the page and the reply was for me to verify my e-mail address. Nothing in my mail box to do this. It’s like my e-mail doesn’t exist.

Check the spelling
Must be all lower case and look for anything out of order. Its happens to me the other day.


Nope. Just retyped everything still get to the screen that say it is on the way with the video about white widow. but no bible to my e-mail.Now about ready to drop it.