I need someone who is experienced with supersoil for a problem i've had in last two grows starting the flowering

my last two grows i have had great results and very healthy plants when they are in veg state in supersoil. when i go to flowering ( 12/12 lighting). after 7 to 10 days i start losing lots of leaves turning pale green and then they go yellow. i have tried doing a top dress with terp tea bloom but that doesn’t seem to help. i am thinking of using liquid bloom but am reluctant to do so because of killing my white widow with it on my first grow. but i need to do something to keep my plants healthier during the flowering stage. any insight would be much appreciated.

Does it look like a nitrogen deficiency with those leaves?

If so maybe apply some slow release nitrogen like feather meal worked into the top inch or so of the soil about 3-4 weeks prior to the flip in the future grows. You could also piss in a cup dilute that 10:1 with water and feed now that will provide N along with PK etc…
Veg used a lot of N and they say even 2-3 weeks after the flip they still use quite a bit of N but it tapers off further into flower.

I just received my recharge nutrient (first time I’ve used it) and I used some the other day and I’ll tell you what it did the job…don’t know how it worked so fast but I was impressed. It greened plants up that were looking somewhat lighter. It does provide some N but also many bacteria, fungi and amino acids.

Not sure if what you have going on is an N deficiency without pics but sounds like it if mostly bottom old fan leaves Etc as N is mobile and plant will rob N from lower and older leaves to feed new growth and new growth needs N until after the stretch from flip.

Hope this helps monkman

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i do have terp tea veg (that is not the name of it but it is for veg cycle. i think i can do a top dress with that and i have been top dressing with terp tea bloom, but i have just been sprinkling it on the top, not loosening up the top layer of dirt. i have my afgan#2 in darkness right now and will need to water her either today or tomorrow. when i go into town today i will loosen the topsoil and try the terp tea veg to see if it helps on this one. from what you have said, that might be too late but will try it anyway. i could also use my liquid bloom which is something like 2 or 3-6-4 .

i think you are right about the nitrogen deficiency and that is what i’m trying to get a handle on. i just don’t understand why it goes from great health in veg to losing so many leaves to nitrogen problems in ten days. it must be part of the “stretch” thing.

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How did it go? At some point, I’m considering using Roots Organic Terp Tea Grow and Bloom; did you use both?

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yes i did, but i did not make tea out of them, i just did a top dress. it helped a little, but i don’t use them at all now, was basically a waste of money. i use strictly buddha grow and buddha bloom for all my nutes stituations now. i am still fighting yellowing of leaves 3 to 5 weeks into flowering and going on thru the flowering stage. i had quit using the buddha grow 2 weeks into flowering but used it 5 weeks into flowering my last grow and that helped some. the grow i’m on now i am going to try trimming leaves and branches for the first time in 5 grows and hopefully that will help some. @Twilve1

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Thanks for your reply. What kind of soil do you use? I’m considering using Roots Organics Original at some point.

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i really like using supersoil and am using it again this grow. i used it on my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grows. i used roots organics original my last grow and am back to supersoil for this, my 5th grow. if you are a rookie, i would use a supersoil if you can find one where you are. i would not buy supersoil online. if you don’t have any supersoil available around you i think the roots organic is a good way to go. i believe my plants liked supersoil better than the roots organic but who wouldn’t, it has a bunch of additives that the plant loves. when i used roots organic instead of supersoil, the place were i got the supersoil from made me put epson salt in when i made up the pot. that was the only additive they said i would need. they also said i would have to feed the plants earlier than i would with the supersoil.