I need some help!

Question from a fellow grower:

Planted 3 LSD seeds about 3-4 weeks ago. One never germinated, one came up but within a few days the leaves withered up. This one looked good until about 10 days ago. The bottom leaves browned out and died. The green leaves started curling in and felt crisp. They also have yellow areas on leaves. Help!

LSD strain fem seeds.

growing indoors in tent set up with Vivosun ventilation system & 600W LED full spectrum light set on veg.

Light on 24/7, temps range 75-80, humidity 38-40%

We started the seeds in miracle grow potting soil and wondered if that may have been a mistake. We have transplanted to a pot containing a mix of soil from our garden/ potting soil, ph now appears to be around 7.5.

No ac, humidifier or dehumidifier. Not sure about co2 as the tent has vivosun ventilation system.

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Looks to me like overwatering and possibly nutrient lockout from to high ph could possibly be nitrogen toxicity


Hello, so i have a few grows under my belt now and the 1 thing ive been told by almost everyone is not to use miracle grow as it is a hot soil and is too hot for seedlings. also did u germinate them 1st? or did u plant seed directly into soil? I think the miracle grow had a lot to do with it. Im sure someone with a lot more experience can chime in here and help. i will attempt to tag a few for you and see what they say @Covertgrower @Bulldognuts @dbrn32 @MrPeat @NeoGroR hopefully these experienced growers can help you :smiley: good luck and remember every grow is more you learn


@GreenSnek I believe is on the money.


I will jump on board and agree with @Bulldognuts. :+1::+1::+1:


Yup. Miracle grow and ph too high for cannabis is the issue going on here


To give your plant the best change to recover would be repot into cannabis friendly soil in a 5 gallon fabric pot also clip off the Dead Leaves they are no benefit now. I also agree with community members posts. Good luck


Agree with everyone… also looks like it needs a bigger container but you need to replant anyway so put it in its forever home but be careful to water in a circle around the plant so the roots will reach for the water and don’t overwater

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