I need some help with grow tent size

Come July 1, laws are changing in my state and they will legalize possession of up to one ounce of marijuana, two mature marijuana plants or four immature marijuana plants for adults over 21. My intentions are to keep within the given guidelines and not have more than 2 mature plants at any time. I’ve recently purchased a 400 watt HPS fixture and ballast at a great price. Considering the size of the tent I should purchase, I am considering a 24x48x72 or a 36x36x72. Perhaps the square nature of the 36x36 will give the most even lighting. I am looking for suggestions as I want to start gathering supplies soon.
The tents I am considering are:

I will also be getting a charcoal filter and duct fan to help with heat from the bulb. The humidity in my area is usually quite high in the summer months and I am wondering if just using a fan to keep the air moving will take care of that or will I need to consider a dehumidifier.

What other odds and end tools should I get now, ph meters? jewelers loupe? Is that overkill or not. TIA


If you’re only going to grow 2 plants at a time, a 32x32 (that’s what I have) or a 36x36 should be fine. If you’re starting from scratch, there’s a bunch of odds and ends stuff that you should get. It adds up but can be done on a budget. Don’t skimp on your Ph meter. You don’t need the most expensive one but the 50 dollar ranged testers are worth it. There’s lots to consider about how you want to grow, soil, hydro, soilless, etc. Whatever route you choose, there’s someone here that is experienced and is willing to help. Just ask. You can tag a specific person by putting @ in front of their username @xjking.

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thanks @SilentHippie. I should have mentioned i will be growing in soil. I was thinking a square shape would probably be best. Its good to know that 32x32 should be big enough for my needs. As far as a Ph meter goes, is that simply for measuring Ph of the water or is there something available to measure Ph of the soil as well?

I have a digital Ph meter like this

You test the ph of your water going in and then again with the water that runs out of the bottom. This will tell you where your ph needs to be so your plants feed properly. Soil ph probe/ meters are notoriously inaccurate.
It was a little confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. The rule is ph every watering.


As far as your tent goes. I bought a Topogrow 32x32x63 tent kit that came with a 4" carbon filter, exhaust fan, ducting, and a “300” watt led (which I replaced with 2 600w Mars Hydro leds). I grew, 3 plants in a Scrog and found that 3 was a little too cramped for the space. I did manage almost 1/2 lb of dried bud from that space though. I just finished my first grow and expect a bigger harvest from my next one but I’m super stoked about my results the first time out and the great people on this forum helped me every step.


My journal if you’re interested.


@xjking the shorter tents are for starting plants or cloning. The taller tents 72" (Last number) are for both starting and finishing plants. I run a 36x36x72 tent, but I only grow a couple of plants at a time! I SCROGGED a Gold Leaf in just half that tent and it yielded over 4 ounces.

Good luck and welcome to ILGM and congrats on your state!

Also there is a topic on here that another member did and he lists a lot of the things that you will need.

I’d recommend doing a lot of reading and learning. Start with the grow journals, the grow bible if you dont have it and the guides.

Grow Bible Download

Book 1:

Book 2:

ILGM Guides



Thanks @bob31, its a wonderful thing our governor signed the legal recreational marijuana bill today. It was pretty clear it was gonna happen,l but now the ink is dry we know its there. I have printed the grow bible and have been and will continue to read. I am really anxious to get started but have alot more research and grow area to put together.


pH meter, pH Up And Down and calibration fluid need to be on the list. Here are some ideas. We only allow amazon links currently but even if you buy other places you can use heir info as references. You can post pics (screenshots) from other sites if needed. @xjking

Apera Meter

just ph meter

ph and tds meters

ph up & Down

7.0 calibration fluid

You can keep posting questions on this topic to keep it simple! Im sure it will benefit others as they come to the site!

I’m guessing you are in a state to my NW? I’m in MA.


@bob31 direcly north and legislation was passed today to legalize recreational marijuana :slight_smile:


I’m in the Boston area so a little NW of me, but not by a lot, lol. Congrats. I joined here on the day MA went legal.I saw your state on the news a little while ago. Good deal! They are the first to actual legislate Rec MJ/ Cannabis! @xjking

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400 watt mh/hps is about perfect for a 3x3.

One thing you should maybe consider is exactly how your laws are written. Are you allowed 1 ounce on your person while out in public, or are you limited to an ounce in your home as well?

It’s not terribly difficult to grow an ounce of weed in that space. Since you’re allowed 4 non-flowering plants would getting a small separate are for them be a possibility? If you’re working with 8 week flowering strains you can start one in a small space every 4 weeks, and then put a new plant into flower every 4 weeks as you harvest them. Maybe that’s a longer term goal? But that’s how you beat only being able to have 2 flowering plants. I think you can set up a 2x2 veg space for under $200.

@dbrn32 that is definitely something to consider. It appears to be written as 2 mature plants or 4 immature plants so it is a little gray. For now I am planning to start 4 seeds and cull the worst 2 of the bunch. Kind of a waste, but being my first grow, it seems a bit more of a guarantee.

It is also unclear as the possession goes. I would believe no more than 1 ounce on you person while out in public because one would definitely expect to harvest more than 1 ounce from 2 mature plants.

I am sure a few garden centers will begin to pop up and perhaps more answers to the laws will be more commonly available from that circle.


@xjking if growing in soil get the fabric type pots. I use 3 gallon for autos and 5 gallon + for everything else, depending on space


I’d grow 4 and when the first two mature, harvest them.

I’m sure they will clarify that anyway. @xjking


I know you’re relatively new here, but look around at some of the journals and threads. Most of the active members are super friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask questions if and when you have them.

You can grow a butt load of weed from a single plant over a longer period of time. Or a little bit of weed from smaller plants in a shorter period of time. So cruise around and see if there are any particular methods that appeal to what you’re trying to do.


You got some good advice here
I personally use two 4x4 tents one fir flower and one for veg
I will say this three mature pants in a 4x4 tent still get crowed but arent iver crowded ive have yp to 4 in same tent space
In veg tou can fit more because they are small
I’ll recommend tou go with a 4x4 in the min

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thank you @Countryboyjvd1971, I will keep this in mind but remember I will only have 2 mature plants ever at a time.

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when you get everything dialed in @xjking some strains you would only fit one plant per 4by4…lol

Oh :open_mouth:

This is true unless you use techniques and control the size of the plant but good point @BIGE if you vegging fir any extended period you can fill a 4x4 tent with one plant
I will flowee mine early if i see them getting too big in veg i figure in streach and what not

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