I need some help figuring out the problems I have - shown in photos below…Please help

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Your info on growing and your seeds have and is a big part of my growing process, for myself and my plants.
But I need some help figuring out the problems I have - shown in photos below…

First off is my Clone, now way too old to be this small??
Here I think Fungus Gnat’s are the main issue, maybe from my overwatering, I have yellow stickies in place to deter them…

Next up is my 2 month old with what appears to be two problems, some spots on edges of leaves are starting to appear, and some bent tips?? These were transplanted about 3weeks ago.

Then there are my flowing plants which seem to have really small brown bugs, I assume Aphids, so small they can bearly be seen
Trying to handle those with spraying w/ soapy water to undersides, which seems to help for a week or so, then they come back?? and some white spots all over some leaves, not others… spots are on the older leaves, and some copper-tone edges too??

Any help you can offer in each case is sincerely appreciated, I’m a Newby to growing my own and need to get better at it!!

Thanks in Advance.

Hi, The photos are not in the order as the text, no matter,
-Top photos are of flowering plant problems, next is my Clone, then Babes now about 2 months old.
Is this Spider mites and gnats??

@rbkb2 If you have gnats they can be hard to get rid of . I had great success using a product call Gnat-Nix that I bought through Amazon . You put about a half inch layer on top of your soil which prevents them from entering the soil to lay their eggs . I’m sure other members will jump in here with more suggestions soon . Yellow specks could be spider mites . Good luck

Thanks for input Seeddog,
I saw that product but chose the yellow stickys instead… I was thinking they may be getting in at weep holes in bottom of containers too.
-is that possible??


Actually I use both the tape and the Gnat nix . I had gnats under my plastic pots also before I switched to fabric pots . Try and let the soil dry out some in between waterings . As far as the gnats getting in the weep holes , maybe set the pots on a towel for a few days . Should slow them down a little .

@rbkb2 welcome to the forum. The little tiny brown bugs could be spider mites. You should get some neem oil for those, and treat with diatomaceous earth as well. Keep us updated. Don’t forget to tag us when responding like @Covertgrower happy growing.

@rbkb2 neem oil and get a little hover and suck them up

Thanks. On the Neem Oil - how is it used, mixed with something?? Sprayed?
And what do you mean when you say “get a hover and suck them up” ??

On the covering of soil with D-Earth or Gnat powder, I tried the D-earth for the Gnats once but when I watered plants it turned into a clay like substance and then hardened so watering was not even, but through cracks in the covering over the soil. So if I try this again, how do I water plants with the covering in place??