I need some guidance maybe, never growed anything before


“If you go to a page at another website and anything is for sale, a banner to a seed bank, or anywhere that sells grow supplies, etc… You cannot post that link.”

Understood sir! Don’t forget to fix CMichGrower’s post too!

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Look for hydroponics store, greenhouse, greenhouse supply stores. Name on bag doesn’t really matter, you just want a media suitable for growing weed. Most importantly, not loaded up with time release nutrients. If you want a soil, you can also look for roots organics or a number of super soils. I’m sure you could find promix or coco too, which would be soilless and require different feeding, but still great for growing weed.


bought 2 sacks of happy frog :slight_smile: 2 cubic feet each I think, so I think that’s enough to grow 6 plants (5 gal ea) which I plan to do. Didn’t wanna get more cause happy frog is very expensive even in person, that garden store called garden world was huge and had quite a large selection :stuck_out_tongue: just far outta town.

Will be planting my plants early May, I’m not sure if I want to put them in a small cup first then transplant them, or just put them straight into the 5 gal from the very beginning which I might do instead, it should be okay… I’m just afraid to ruin them during the transplanting.

I’ll probably begin May 4th, not sure if I’ll make a different thread for the growing process or just put the growing process here in this thread… what do yall think? xD there might be a better section for showing growing… but I don’t know, maybe I’ll show the progress here :slight_smile:

My plan is… well, I have a 1.2 gal watering can, so, I might measure the pH levels of all the water inside that container, then use it to water two 5 gallon pots at a time, make 3 trips to water all 6 plants with the right pH levels… and just do that every day.

the 4th week is fertilizer time, I still don’t know how much fertilizer I should add in the very beginning and later on… a graph or something would be great help to know how much through its lifecycle. I don’t wanna overfeed it, or underfeed… overfeed is probably worse.

So yeah, just to confirm what I have to everyone, this is what I’m using…
Outdoor growing, not using lights after all
Fox Farm Liquid Fertilizers x3
pH up & down liquid
pH measurer
4 cubic feet Happy Frog soil
6 five-gallon pots

Now I just wait until the 4th :slight_smile: cause I’m going out of town and don’t wanna leave it dry for 2 days.

Go solo cup first. Small.plants in a big container youll.overwater them.like hell. Ask me how I know lmao. I went solo to 3 gallon to get them ready for outside and im still getting the hang of watering a small plant in a bigger container. Usually I go solo>1gal>3gal>5gal. Unless u have autos. Then you don’t have a choice really. Unless u transplant them perfect with no shock.

Use the fox farms feedling schedule. It has the list of the nutrients you should be using when to feed and how much. But start with half of what’s recommended as to not over feed your plants.

@Dieselgrow1031 Uh, I found this schedule, is it good?

It says 6 teaspoons I think starting from being seedlings… doesn’t say to use half of that like you said, why doesn’t it just say 3 tsp instead of 6 then? So it says week 1 use 6… week 2 6… week 3 6 of that and 2 grow big… and I guess I feed it these exact amounts all the way until week 12 … which maybe marijuana will be ready to harvest at week 12? this chart isn’t exactly for marijuana I believe but still… I don’t know, just how exact should I follow this chart? do everything it says except the first 1-3 weeks I only do half of what it says or…? xD

Edit: Oh wait, it says feed 2 times a week… so, those amounts twice a week? like, 6 tsp and 6 more tsp 2-3 days later… seems like overfeeding, unless maybe 3 then 3 later… idk.

Solo cup it! It’s dead simple to transplant. You just fill your new pot about half way or so. Then put a fresh solo cup right in the middle and fill in the soil around it. Make sure the top of the solo cup does not exceed the top of the pot. Then cut down the sides of the solo cup and peel it like a banana. Take out the solo cup that is on the soil and you left with a perfect mold for your plant. Place your plant in. Done

It won’t dry in 2 days…


You do half of what is recommended to start. If it says 6 do 3. Just keep an eye on your ppms and ec and do a run off tests and you’ll be golden. Read this forum a bit and you’ll figure it out. Learn by doing. You’ll get the hang of it. What they need and what they don’t need all that jazz. All the info for a good grow is in this forum. If u have a question search it and it brings up differing topics and journals that have it included and you can read up on it.

@Dankloud alright… I guess I will put them in the party cups first then transplant them >_< how long do they need to be there in the cups? and I see, whether it does or doesn’t dry in 2 days, I’ll still wait until the 4th cause I’ll be real busy from the 30th to the 3rd and don’t wanna begin right then and there, and it’s about to rain for the next couple days now.

@Dieselgrow1031 I see, I see the EC/PPM’s in the chart but I don’t know what they are. Run off tests? xD and for how many weeks do I do half of what it recommends? So because it says 6 and twice a week, I guess that means I do 3 in one day and 3 in a few more days from the same week… rinse and repeat every week… until… idk what week I start applying all the TSP’s it recommends. I probably need teaspoon measurers instead of the mL measurer it came with.

Yhats where the tds and ec meter.come in for what goes in and ehat comes out. You test what goes in then when you do just water you can test your run off to see how much nutrients are in your soil that way you don’t over feed and you adjust accordingly

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Read the forum and it will tell you everything you need to know

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@willyFF7 don’t blame you for wanting to wait. Just saying they won’t dry that quick. As the plant grows in the cup, it will need to be watered more often. When you get to the point where you are watering very often or the plant has simply over grown the cup, then transplant. It’s hard to say an exact time frame, but you have us here to help.

Recommend you make a grow journal when you start the grow!

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Grow journal? like not on the forum I suppose right? I guess what you do in that is write the exact date it’s been planted, exact date you do everything… maybe not all the days you water it, but… I dunno lol, I was thinking of just using my google calendar on the phone for knowing dates of stuff. Maybe I can get a cool wall calendar instead ^^ and I don’t know where I’ll do the journal but yeah… we’ll see.

I’m gonna skip the germinating in a cup/wet towel part, but I also heard when you grow weed, at some stage you’re supposed to cut the head off? in order for it to grow multiple heads for something like that, maybe that’ll grow more buds, I don’t know lol, just something I saw on YouTube, but this site recommended to not listen to most YouTube videos.

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You make a topic under the category called “Grow Journals” under “Beginner” on the forum.

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Oh okay ^-^ maybe I’ll call it Willy’s Grow Journal or something lol, and maybe or not I’ll post a link to it here when it’s posted, maybe not, I haven’t looked at the entire forum yet cause it’s really big, and I have too many tabs open, it’s a lot to process xD but yeah… I’m sure yall will maybe stumble upon it even if i don’t post it here :3 I’m pretty excited to start growing lol.

I’m also excited to be getting a Macaw parrot on the 1st out of town, then on the 3rd a game I’ve been waiting for months (Zenith) is finally coming out early access… so I’ll just wait until the 4th to start growing them. I have nothing going on my life right now so it’s kinda depressing, should be busy and fun next month ^^

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Chin up brother been there, but yes, growing will turn a frown upside down, gd luck and ask all u need, ppl here r awesome :ok_hand: :clap: :sunglasses: