I need some guidance maybe, never growed anything before

Okay that’s great! If you couldn’t keep them dark they would potentially never go into flower or go hermaphrodite. But as long as you can keep dark during flower you will be in good shape there.

Light requirements are going to be more based on area than plant count. So we need to determine how large of a light you’ll need to provide good results. For instance, a 4’x4’ grow space will require same amount of light and produce about the same amount of weed whether its 1 plant or 4 plants. How large of a grow space are we looking to have here?

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how do you plan to keep sunlight out?


Usually 2 weeks, what you want to look for is roots coming out the bottom. Seedling stage is basically 2 weeks from when it breaks ground. During this time add no nutrients until the first small leaves fall off. Around the 2 week mark. Should have 4-5 nodes by then too. And when I started out I literally just got the sf2000 kit. Linking. Sf2k kit


And the sf2000 is a budget light by price only. Their claims are a little exaggerated, since they claim higher than the top of the line last year’s equivalent. The 600 hlg. 2.7 umol vs 2.2 or 2.5. And just under 100 more ppfd (spider farm claiming the greater values). Same driver, same leds. But ofc technically. If you want to do a 5x5. At that point. The light source is much greater and costs exactly as much to light per square foot or less. Didn’t math it exactly. But if you can afford 700 on a light. The hlg650r would be amazing. Or any of the hlg boards running the new drivers and H diodes instead of B. I crunched the numbers last week and it was something like 25-50% more light while only using 3-5% more electricity

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I made a mistake here. 600 rspec is what you would want. Not the 650. That’s too much for starting out. Anyway. Them budz man… here is the best light you can buy for the money. Can’t go wrong with it. https://www.amazon.com/Horticulture-Lighting-Group-Certified-Inventronics/dp/B08JP7694C/ref=mp_s_a_1_2_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=hlg+650r&qid=1618210127&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1&smid=A3OJY9E0ZY1FCH&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEzNlpSWVpCVUpKTTNIJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMzYxODYyMlVEU0FYOVBFVTE4MCZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwODA3NzAwMlA2OVI2WEpES0lWOSZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX3Bob25lX3NlYXJjaF9hdGYmYWN0aW9uPWNsaWNrUmVkaXJlY3QmZG9Ob3RMb2dDbGljaz10cnVl

Sf 4000, little cheaper. But doesn’t have those new H and ino driver. Has the B and mean well

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Highly recommend reading this start to finish in any free time you can find. See what a veteran does and read how/why he does it too. Alot of others ask their questions there too. It’s huge wealth of knowledge that if I had 10 years ago when I had beautiful plants potted out door 24/7. In miracle grow. Knew with miracle grow I wouldn’t need to add anything for at least a month. They grew like mad out doors all day and in the garage at night. Till the first time I fed, at full strength. All completely burnt the next day. I wouldn’t have waited 10 years to try again. These guys will get you through it. If you’re interested in building your own light and getting quality at savings. There’s people here to help with that too.


Read like crazy. I may have been overly cautious, but I started with 2 in case I did anything woefully wrong. My current grow is 3, I don’t think I’ll grow more than 4 indoor at a time. I didn’t find this forum until about halfway through my first grow when I was having issues. I was able to read solutions without even having to ask much.

Relax and enjoy the ride. You’re in good hands.


Hey all ^^ I wasn’t able to reply for 24 hours for some reason this website limits new users posting :frowning: but yeah… I’ll post an update now.

@Budz All that stuff is crazy expensive lol, I was very close to considering getting the spider kit you showed me, but I said nah… I am too lazy and don’t know how i’ll set up the sent and I don’t even know what any of those things are for… I would be clueless. Those other lights were just too expensive for my taste too.

So what I went with, well… I found this, it seems like a good price, good quality and size.

$420 light xD I wonder how many plants can I grow underneath there? It’s 4x4 so, I’m guessing either 6, 8, 9 or 10 plants I can have. Does it even matter if I use no tent or any other extra equipment? My goal is not to get the maximum yield/profit/amount out of each grow, I just want to grow them all the way until there’s plenty of bud, no matter if it’s 200-400 since 500 is apparently out of the question unless I do it right xD so yeah… I think it’ll be fine with this light.

Oh another thing, I’m not going to use it immediately, first i’m going to grow them outside, I’ll use party cups and maybe put them in a container so the wind doesn’t knock them over, and I’ll just grow them there temporarily. Only reason I’m prepping to grow indoors is cause I have an apartment in my back yard I’ll be placing for rent soon, and don’t want whoever I rent it to, to see it. So that’s when I’ll move them indoors with that light, I think and hope it’s enough, any advice will still be appreciated and if 9-10 plants are too much for it. Also here’s the pots I’m gonna be using after they’re out of the party cups.

I assume with those dimensions, 10 or so can fit in a 4x4 but I don’t know. lol, thanks again for everyone’s responses :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh and here’s some fertilizer I got for them when they’re still young, I assume this is good stuff for weed from what I’ve seen.


I don’t know how many plants u can grow under that light, I’m running HIDs. Doing my homework on LEDs still, will b getting them as soon as I can afford whatever I chose. I will wait till I can afford them, what I gots going on ain’t broke, so I’ll buy time, playing with the girls. Always something to do there.:v::v::alien:


@willyFF7 Hello and welcome to a wonderful forum and with great people and advice. I’m new at it also and purchased a few things before asking, Mars 1000 and Viparspectra 2500, they are working but wish I’d listened and bought HLG. I understand trying grow as many plants at once but that may not be best and we want to have a good budget but I want a good yield as well, the least expensive thing but with the most value is the advice and knowledge we get from this forum, take it and use it. Good luck in your grow.


thank you Deagle :3 Mars and Viparspectra are ones you bought? they look fine to me, not sure what the HLG is exactly but when I searched, very expensive results lol. Isn’t weed very easy to grow? I have no experience at it, but I’ve heard it grows as easy as those bad weeds on our yards, which seems to make it sound pretty easy. I know you have to do certain things to make it better than it could be, but I just want it to grow no matter how…

I seen videos how they say at an early stage of its growth, you have to cut the “head” off, the top or whatever it’s called, that way it grows multiple head tops for possibly more bud/bigger plant. I might try that when I reach that phase, but I’m also afraid I’ll screw up and destroy the plant :frowning: I don’t want that, so I’ll only do it if I’m positive it’ll do something good.
But even then, I don’t necessarily have to do that, I just want to grow it all the way until there’s bud, even if it’s a weak amount, it’ll still be something I’ve never done and I’m excited to start growing already :3 it’ll be 2 weeks I assume until those grandaddy purp seeds arrive. I’m also extra excited due to the fact it’s gonna be purple weed I’ll be growing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go 4 Luxx lights, be ur best bet, look them up, lot of ppl dropping the T5, ur electric bill will be very high.

Thought of doing this a while back but didn’t know if it would leave any residue on the iron. Works well I suppose or you wouldn’t mention it… Good to know!

@willyFF7 FF7 = Final Fantasy 7 reference?

Welcome to the forum!

Like others have stated, HLG is the ‘pinnacle’ of grow lights for the most part. Spider Farmer is what I recommend personally for a budget light, but like @Budz said, still going to be multiple hundreds of dollars.

Also like others mentioned make sure you can keep ALL light out of the room if you aren’t using a tent… This includes light that would come under the door from the hallway, light from the window, everything… Should be as pitch black as possible.

@Dankloud Thank you :slight_smile: lol yeah, FF7 is Final Fantasy 7, one of my fav games, but my favorite game will always be Lunia, a game that doesn’t exist no more :frowning: just a private server that kinda sucks.

I see a lot of people highly recommending HLG… Maybe I should’ve got that, for $300 more than the one I got… but I don’t know… I see nothing wrong with the one I got, I’ll link it again in case people missed it

It looks just as big and nice as the HLG, it’s just LED and maybe HLG is LED too, I don’t know, but it’s bright and better than the PB2000 I was also considering. I’m not trying to reach for the pinnacle anyway, I just want a successful growth even if it’s 100grams less than the best.

Darkness is not a problem for me, there’s two windows in there but there’s no light in either one at night, no curtain required. There won’t even be light under the door way from the hallway, maybe only for 1-5 minutes if my mom needs to use it during the evening, but that’s all, the hallway light is usually always off to conserve electricity, so it will be 100% dark, so that must mean I don’t need a tent if that’s the main reason I need one.

But even with 100% darkness at night, and that good LED I picked, will it still be possible to grow 9 or 10 plants with this? without any of that other stuff @dbrn32 mentioned? (ph, ph adjuster, tds testers, etc, I dont know what any of this even is, but I’d rather keep it simple.) If it’s mandatory to have all those things with that many plants, then maybe I should reduce the amount of plants to 4-6 or something, but someone needs to confirm all that for me. >.<

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Well personally I think that light will be fine but it depends on how many and how big your plants will get. I think it uses older Samsung diodes (LM281B+ compared to the LM301B in my Spider Farmer SF1000).

Differences between HLG and other brands can be vast. They have features like extra infrared LED, UV LEDs, generally better construction, add on boards to add UV and Infrared to an already existing light… Bunch of stuff.

Other thing, when talking in terms of ‘how much can I grow’ we usually really look at the volume that we can fill with light. For example, my light is the Spider Farmer SF1000, 100 watts, will vegetate a 3’ x 3’ area, and flower a 2’ x 2’ area. You could put just one big plant under it, or multiple smaller plants.

Unfortunately I am not the light expert here so I really can’t tell you how much of an area you would be able to grow with that light…

As far as the other equipment dbrn32 mentioned, I would say the absolute most important thing would be the pH meter and pH up/down. You NEED, NEED, NEED to make sure you pH the water you feed the plant. pH is how alkaline a solution is. If the solution is too alkaline or acidic, it highly influences the nutrients the plant can take up. Incorrect pH can lead to crappy bud, and even a sick or dead plant. The recommended pH for soil is 6.5. I personally, and many of us here, don’t trust cheap pH meters, so most recommend the Apera PH20 tester. It is the best of the cheaper meters you can get. You also need to get pH UP/DOWN solutions to raise and lower the pH. Here is a handy chart to demonstrate the difference.

Also, I see that you said

Happy Frog isn’t a fertilizer, its a soil itself. I would recommend looking for a grow store near you and picking up some of it there as it is one of the best soils you can use, what I personally use, and is WAY over priced on line. Use that instead of the MiracleGro (I know you said you would let your Mother have it already)

Like others said too, the Seed starting tray is unnecessary, but will still work. Same thing with the heating mat, not needed either. A 15 gallon pot will make you a literal MONSTER of a plant so maybe want to return those and get something smaller… Here is what I do: Start germination in a cup of water for roughly 24hrs, by then usually a taproot has grown. Then plant in a Solo cup (16oz red party cup) cut some holes on the bottom too. Then after she is ready to transplant again, move up to a 3 gallon pot. Then up to a 7 gallon pot. There are a few reasons to do this.

1 .It is easier to water, since you are in a pot that is proportional to the size of the plant.
2. There is more surface area against the roots when you transplant, usually resulting in more vigorous growth.

Here is a handy little graphic to show that second point.

One last thing. Maybe don’t start off with that many plants to begin with anyways. Maybe start off with 2 or 3, so that way you aren’t overloading yourself with things to do, especially during feeding.

I know I missed something in there but this should be a good amount of info for you to absorb for now.


Edit: You are also going to need nutrients. I would recommend getting Jacks 321 formula. Let me know when you absorb the information above and we can go into the nutrients a little.

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Hey @willyFF7 If you go with that light I would plant 4 plants one for each of the light boards IMO
Good luck and welcome

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@willyFF7 those all look good. I went with spider farmer over the rest because of their warranty and customer support. That light will do fine, puts out about 10% less light than the sf 4000, will do just as well as most HID set ups. But if my strap broke, dropped my light and broke it. They would replace it. I’ve heard good things about vivosun customer support too, but they are a make the customer happy after the fact company. Not prevent the issue. Maxisun is newer I’m pretty sure. And their name is awfully similar. Most lights only give 1 year warranty. Spider farmers gives 3. So my argument would be a price point difference of 30%. 10% more light, 300% warranty, super service, vetted. Safer route. I’m about $1100 in on my first grow, I definitely know it all adds up.and the tents are easy, just take a little thinking. My big one barely. Fits it closet. Had to be sectioned then wrapped in place. Was a pain but done. In a room it’s easy. Why you would one? Control temperature and humidity in harsher environments. Supply refactoring light back to your plants that would otherwise be a complete waste. Guarantee no light sleep schedule. Ofc covering all windows and making sure the door to the room isnt opened for any reason and there is no light leaking under the door for 12 hours a day works too. Tents are just easier than trying to use a standard house room. That’s why people make grow rooms.

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Thank you for hitting on the subject of tents. I just had no more in me after my post lol