I need some guidance maybe, never growed anything before

Hey all :slight_smile: this seems like a really cool place, the website and the forum, I’ve noticed a lot of guides, and I will read some of them and try to educate myself in the matter. but for the meantime, I just want to get started, I’m pretty excited to see some plants growing :slight_smile:

So what I did is, I got 10 grandaddy purp seeds from here, I plan to start off with these indicas.

I had a friend with vegetable garden experience guide me through shopping for some things, help me a little… he’s told me about the types of lights used for indoor growing. The lights being T5, CFL, or HPS… HPS is apparently too hot, CFL and T5 might be ok, but… he found LED lights and suggested me to try them, cause they use low watts (even though the one i’m looking at says 1200w apparently), generate enough light, and aren’t too hot which is a good thing according to him. So… I may be ordering my selected light tomorrow, and I already have one in mind.

Here’s some of the equipment I ordered…

This is for the seeds, i’ll wait until they bloom a little… also using these two fertilizer and warm mat…

and after it sprouts, I’ll take it and,… I don’t know if I should get smaller pots, but I already ordered these and thought i’d put them straight into the 15 gallons, I heard these are recommended for pot growing.

And I’ll also use this watering can to water them when they’re in their little cubes and when they’re in the 15 gallon pots, couldn’t find a better one

So, that’s all I’ve ordered… tomorrow, I’m gonna maybe order this… two of these actually, since they’re 3x3 each, and I’m gonna be growing 10 plants I suppose, less when I get rid of the males since they don’t grow bud apparently I’ve heard (correct me if i’m wrong) … so here’s the LED lights I plan to use

So yeah… my plan is to grow 10 seeds I ordered here with this equipment… Is there anything missing? I don’t need a tent with this type of light, do I? Or a fan? anything else? I don’t know what many of these other equipments are that I see for growing… I’ve never grown anything, only 1 flower that didn’t bloom completely during a kindergarten project lol, and here I am about to do something kind of big and slightly overwhelming… I only don’t want to screw it up and make it not grow, I don’t care if the quality is not as great just because I didn’t use a certain thing for its temperature/humidity/etc…

any tips/advice would be great :slight_smile: also, I would love to know if getting these lights is a good idea, before I order them in 12-15 hours or so. Any links to any other equipments would be great.
The room itself is one entire bedroom, so space is plentiful, I prefer to spend 200 or less (after the lights) for this equipment but will spend a little more if mandatory.

Also I’m probably going to get the soil for all those pots at walmart since i’ve heard they have plenty good soil there, I assume this is ok lol. Thanks in advance for any feedback :slight_smile: I might post my growing progress in this topic over the weeks/months, unless I find a better place in the forum to post that.


Careful buying cheap led. I’m a bit one sided also bit anal with lights. Cheap blurples will only bring tears and lots of why did my pot grow so crappy. HLG no1 for me. Bit dearer but they work. As for feeding when things get bigger pain in arse trying to get under everything with watering can. 100+ litre tub pump 13 mm feed line and halos or the like. Look around. Read lots don’t make mistake of buying cheap crap.
And all the best of luck with your new hobby🇦🇺Also heard miracle grow no goof due to slow release nitrogen that not needed in flower. I’m in coco so no experience but pretty sure others here warn against it.


Couple of things…

Just don’t save on the lights!!!
you wont need a heat mat or a cloner dome for sprouting seeds.
don’t use miracle grow, try to find a cannabis friendly soil


Welcome, you have certainly come to the right spot!

There is a lot to cover and it’s getting late, but a few things specifically stand out.

If you ordered gdp from ilgm you shouldn’t get any males. They are all feminized seeds. So if you drop 10, plan on having 10. And that may be more than you should start with.

Also, ditch the miracle grow soil. It has time release nutrients that likely won’t jive with the typical life of cannabis plant. If you plan on soil grow, something like roots organic original is a good choice. That would feed your plants for a few weeks then require you to add nutrients.

Please don’t order those! Let’s get your grow space dialed in and then I will help you find a light that is in line with your performance expectations.

You don’t necessarily need a tent, but you will need a light tight space to flower your plants. A tent makes the most sense for typical new grower. But you could certainly build a space or use a closet. We have people that can help with whatever you’re thinking. But whatever size space you’re in you’re light and fans should be sized to.

Gonna be extremely difficult to do this for a grow of 10 plants. You’re going to want ph and tds testers, ph adjuster, some nutrients or expensive soil with amendments.

That’s pretty big for indoor grow, but not impossible to use. We can talk more on this later.

All things considered, don’t fret over stuff you have already purchased, but please hold off on buying anything else. The average grower is going to have a 3’x3’ canopy or larger with a single plant in 15 gallon pot. And the lights you picked out won’t do a very good job at that. So I think it would be best for us to get a little better understanding of what your goals and expectations are, then we can recommend some products that will hopefully get you there.


Hmm I see yalll are against the miracle grow, thanks for letting me know it’s no good :slight_smile: I’ll just give it to my mom for her regular garden then.

Well it’s the same price as a really good big T5 I found and was going to consider, what do you guys think about this light? should I go with this or the LED? And if I do go with this one, will I need the tent/fan/other things then?

Thank you for the luck on this new hobby :slight_smile: I thought of growing since 2016, but from then to 2020 I wasn’t in the right position or place to grow at all, no room, but that’s changed thankfully… and I can pursue something I’ve been highly interested in :3 and some things i’ve heard about this is pretty interesting and I don’t know if it’s true… like one plan can supposedly grow up to 500 grams / 1 pound ? That just sounds too good to be true to me, but idk :stuck_out_tongue: I also haven’t smoked since october last year and it was a pretty bad experience, maybe cause it was from somewhere I got it at :frowning:

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Yep what he said, and welcome , they have you covered image


Yes one can… but not with the lights you are looking at :wink: and if you haul 500g from one plant in your first grow, would be a case of extreme beginners luck :wink:


Fluorescent has good light spectrum for growing, but pretty weak intensity. A 400 watt t5 fixture will veg up to a 4x4 space and do okay job of flowering a 2x4 space. If you’re looking for 500 grams per plant, this is definitely not the light you want. Although, 500 grams per plant is possible it probably shouldn’t be something you expect.

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Don’t save on the lights? I don’t understand what you mean on that. xD cloner dome is that lil box i assume, why not? so I should just immediately put the seed into the 15 gallon pots? I heard this may be unpractical in a weed growing vid and my friend telling me, supposedly start off putting it in something small first. I think the reason I heard it not being good to put in the 15 gallon at first is cause it may not take the water well or something, sorry English is my first language but i’m bilingual so I forget some terms, and with a new thing like gardening I forget what the correct terms for things are.

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You are both correct. What you picked out will work, but its not necessary. Most of us start in something like a 16oz party cup. Cheap, disposable, and easy. Plus plant can stay in it a little longer than starting tray.

Same with heat mat. You can use them, but most of us don’t.


The party cups are a lot easier. Just gotta cut your own holes, and you can use another cup to fill in the next transplant, no guesswork on hole. If you’re a little worried about pulling it out, it’s a solo cup. Two virticle cuts, careful. But if you do a dry transplant they pull easy. Miracle gro is about like the m word around here. Some people do use it with great results. But you have to really know what your doing with your testing. Slurry, ph/tds of going in and run off.


I use my soldering iron and just burn them in. But same result.


Hey, first of all, thank you so much for all your responses, I appreciate the guidance :slight_smile: sure means a lot to me, couldn’t do this alone.
So, what you mean by getting my grow space dialed in, you want to see my grow space? if so, this here is the room I plan to grow in, right in the middle.

I don’t know how to quote certain parts of your text, but… it’ll be extremely difficult to grow 10 plants with $200 after lights? I could do a tad more, but is it even necessary, or is it just for it to be higher quality? cause I don’t know :frowning: I would think just water and light might be enough for a plant to be fully developed but I know there’s gotta be a lot more to it with weed after seeing some growing operations. I don’t even know what those things are, so it’s soo much to learn… lol, ph, tds testers, ph adjuster, i have no clue… so… what if I just start off with 5? even though I ordered 10 seeds, i can only use 5, and maybe the other 5 will be good for half a year or so or whenever it’s time I plant new plants?

well I don’t really have any goals and expectations, I just felt like doing this since I’m able to and have nothing better to do, feel like smoking again but don’t want to find a dealer, so I thought this might be fun lol. I could just grow 1-3 plants if that’s highly recommended for a beginner, that should probably give me plenty more than enough weed… maybe just cause i’m able to plant 10 doesn’t mean I should… I do wonder how long until seeds go bad without planting though, and if they need to be kept in a certain environment while i don’t use em.

And in response to your message about the Flourescent, I suppose this light is better than the LED… I probably shouldn’t rush on getting a light then lol, could wait 2 days if I need to, but, tell me, what do you suggest on how many plants I should grow in this room for a beginner like me? xD maybe there’s a better light for what you may suggest.

Edit: I could also use that closet in the picture I posted for 1 plant, since you said growing in a closet is a good idea, the outlet is right next to it. But I’m more interested in growing at least 3 plants. Now that I think about it, 10 plants might be overkill for someone who’s never done this before :stuck_out_tongue:


It can be a lot of fun! But it’s also a lot of work, and you will definitely spend some coin to successfully have large quality harvests.

First things first. If you grow in the center of that room, are you able to make sure the plants get 12 hours of 100% darkness for 8-10 weeks straight? If you can, it should work. If not, you will likely need a grow tent or equivalent.


No worries… You have to spend money on lights! There is no cheap solution you want good yield you need to pay the price with the lights. every other equipment yiu can save money


I do it exactly as hell raiser. Get the dg party cups. Got perfect squares at bottom. Remove every other one. Reading all his stuff, the grow Bible and all ilgm guides is the only reason my first grow is going so well. Even with plenty of mistakes. Even my cuts weren’t great on all.


I run a what we call a budget light for now with great results in a 2x4, but a budget light for us is still 300 or more. There’s a brand on alibaba that say is just as good and cheaper. But then alibaba wait times. I don’t recall the brand now tho.

Sf 2000 <amazon hyperlink to light


Don’t go cheap on lights.


@dbrn32 Yes, door closed or not, there will definitely be 100% darkness especially with it closed at all time. So does this mean I don’t need a tent? what’s seconds things second? xD

@outdooring Yeah, I want to at least get good lights. Whether it’s 1, 3, 5, or 10 plants, either one of these… I may not be able to do 10 if I’m not ready to get other equipment, but good lights is the least I could do and need a suggestion on. Now I’m kind of leaning on the idea of just making 5 plants to start with, since 10 might be overwhelming (I also didn’t realize they could all grow so huge, like i thought i’ve seen some fully grown small plants)

@Budz Hmm I see cool :slight_smile: I do have those cups, I might just do that! They do look a bit spacier/better than those seedling things I got, my only question is how big does the sprout have to be until it’s time to move it into its pot, an image of one would be handy.

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@Sniz Lol I’ll try not to :stuck_out_tongue: I just need a well recommended one. The moderator here said no to the LED I first picked for some reason, I did see a bunch of peoples weed plants grown successful under the reviews of that specific light, so I don’t know.

@Budz that greenhouse of yours looks really nice :slight_smile: judging by the plants, your budget light seems to have worked out for you. I can afford not cheaping out on them, it’s just a matter of picking the right one whether I do a row of 5 or 2x5.