I need some guidance.. anyone?

I started a Bubblegum auto in May and a Blueberry Auto in June.

The Bubblegum is in flower. Don’t know when she will be ready to harvest. Can anyone tell?

The Blueberry is younger, but is bigger than the Bubblegum and shooting straight up… looking like it’s in pre flower. I tried some LST, the middle stem is strong and I am afraid it might break. Any suggestions?

Hard to tell, we need a really really close up picture of the bud on the first one. I’m guessing 6 weeks min on the second pic. 4-6 on the first.

Top one looks about halfway through flower. Bottom one looks like first week or two of flower.

So I agree with @low. Close to 4 on top one. Definitely 6-7 on bottom. Why are they so short? Slamming them with light?

Well the 1st pic ( Bubblegum Auto)… is my first grow I started in May and I really didn’t add any micro gro and Bloom till three weeks ago… the lighting has been ok I originally had the Bubblegum at 40% during veg 18 inches from canopy then when I started seeing flower moved lights down to 12inches and at 100% white and red 75% blue… btw I am using the Mars LED Lights from my saltwater aquarium 250 watts full spectrum. I thinking of getting some actual grow lights in the future . But wanted to see what these lights could produce.

For the Blueberry Auto I started in June… it took off from the start… however I did germinate differently than I did with the Bubblegum Auto . However the main stem dominates the entire plant. I have LST it to one side to allow bottom growth… hopefully they will catch up. Andy ideas I should try?

Fyi… ph 6- 6.5, small watering twice a day every other day… feeding 1/3 recommended dosage of micro gro and bloom half a litre twice a week.

Any recommendations feel free to give.

Hey @Tone !.. Great start to your grow!.. I’m a fellow “newbie” because I’m just on my 2nd grow… :upside_down_face:

… Never tried the Micro Grow. Only have used the nutes (and schedule for them) from this site… I also did a “hodgepodge” of soil mix this time around just to see if it works… :rofl:


… As for the light, I can tell you that it will make a HUGE difference… I started with the TS600w then went to the BP3000 this time, and it’s been worth every penny!

Gelato Auto (L) sprouted 01 MAY
OG Kush Auto (R) sprouted 08 MAY

… Not the greatest at 76/69 days respectively, but the nutes and good soil work for me as a pure amateur… (Your mileage may vary. :tropical_drink:)

… Man, there is a ton of extremely knowledgable individuals here on this forum, and I’ve learned a bunch over the last several weeks/months… Check out a lot of the other threads as well…

Cheers!.. :sunglasses:

Ayo thanks… your plants look really nice… mines are babies to those… can the light make that much difference? If so I definitely gotta step my light game up. How many inches are you keeping your lights from the canopy veg vs flower?

I am thinking of picking up two viraspectra xs1000 or the Hydra 1000… then I seen I light I really liked on Alibaba …but I’m skiddish on ordering from China… may not get the lights till next year…lol. my grow space is a closet 3 x 4.5 area.

Any suggestions or recommendations on the lights?

Oh light. My bad. High. And yeah. Build this. Cost me $275 to do. Better than any $300 light out there. 185 for boards and heatsink from HLG. 73 (tax and delivery included in the 73) for the driver from TRC. Took less than a week to get both.

I won’t lower that light either. I would avoid getting closer than 18" with it too.

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My setup is not ideal so plz don’t listen to me too much… :sunglasses:

… Yup, the light can make a huge difference… Other opinions from the pros?

I have the light 6"-12" above, and I’ll burn a few leaves until I raise it every week… I only have a 24"x24"x55" Mars Hydro tent so I have to make due, but it’s working for me (again, I am a pure amateur)… The BP3000 is a tight fit in the tent, but has given much better results this time… Again, this is just my 2nd grow, so I don’t really know squat. LoL!.. :rofl:

Oof yeah. Short tent. My tents are 6’,6’,7’. Hence the table and everything in the 4x4. I can easily walk in there and stand . It’s 7’.

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Currently also have a blueberry auto in under a 1200w blurred light she is 37 days and 15 inchave in height

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Hps? Even the best led on the market runs only ~1050.