I need sex please. Wait that doesn't sound right

I posted about this last week but it was a little too early to tell sex but I could really use advise on this one. If it’s male I want to just kill it and start over because I only really have room for one plant at a time in my tent and if I need to start over then I want to get a move on.

Your pictures didn’t upload, @Funkytwobucks.

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Thanks, Did this work?


Yes. Looks too early to tell sex.


Still to young for sex.

Check some other nodes, plant itself looks big enough to start showing.


Cool, I just wasn’t sure if this was a known banana farm trait.Lol. All hope is not lost and that’s comforting. Thanks

Nothing else on the plant at all. Maybe I’ll just take it to flower now and see what happens?

If you have feminized seed it’s pretty much a given that it will be a female, though anomalies do happen, just not very often. If you have bag seed you have a 50/50 chance.

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Ethos Apex Bag seed, That’s why the uncertainty. I really didn’t expect it to grow so well

Keep an eye on it, especially if you have other female plants around. You won’t want it pollinating your females if it turns out to be a male.

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If its a photo thats one way and re-veg. If its an Auto it wont matter much. I’d recommend practicing some FIM/Top, LST and set it up for better production. If it turns out to be male, scratch it off as learning.

NM the Auto comment, I see its bag seed normal 50/50.

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I am brand new to this myself-but my plants seemed to show earliest in the highest or newest growth-if that makes sense.