I need more air


@JH231 what do you suggest for air stones in a 5 gallon bucket? I have all three that I linked in my posts.

The Dome is my favorite, but costs way too much I think. The bubbles are small, when it’s on the water level rises. It makes it hard to see how high the water level is with out the external level.

The 4x2" cylinder stone is great. Bubbles almost as tiny as the dome makes, but also provide some big bubbles to keep things mixed.

The 4" strip make tons of huge bubbles. So much so I can’t run them all the way open as roots started getting too much damage. But I expected that with the large air pump. Great to mix things up.


OK, were clear now… you want more ambient air, not more oxygen O2. Be aware that bubbling more air in your water does not mean you are dissolving more oxygen into the water regardless of the size of the bubbles. Ambient air and elemental O2 are 2 different gases and you do know that ambient air is 80% nitrogen eh.
As for air stones for a 5 gallon bucket… I’d buy 6-8 small new air stones, I’d buy the cheapest air stones I can find because they all are disposable and their functional lifespan is short. When they stop bubbling just change them out with a new stone and save yourself a lot of money, stress, time and aggravation. All air stones stop-up and all are disposable and cheap.
*The smaller the air bubbler pore size the more expensive the bubbler, the smaller the bubbles, the quicker the bubbler stops-up and fails is the general rule of thumb for all air stones.
Disposable and cheap is what’s important about air stones and bubblers. Small bubbles, large bubbles make little to no difference at all, air and barometric pressure will always the limiting factor.


@JH231 thank you for all of that information.