I need info, I grow outside and need info on stem splitting before harvest

So, it’s about to be 32 degrees 5-6 days and my plant has already been through temps like that at night and it’s fine. You can see the trichomes clear as day and the white pistils are pinkish and brown and yellow, the sugar leaves are nice and crystally, and there’s yellow fan leaves on the lower part of the plant. I’m creating this because I need to know if I should split the stem in 5 or 6 days and begin that process and harvest, ORRRRRRRRR should I push through the cold weather at night till I get to November and then split the stem? I’ll try and post some pics. They won’t let me post pics, BUT I NEED HELP AND INFORMATION PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!

Are you waiting till it loads with a check and then reply