I need help with this baby ...I need to boost her grow

This little baby had an accident when she was about 2 weeks old due to the high winds she felt and now she’s coming back to life…she’s 4 weeks old will she recuperate I see her kind of small even dough her leaves are nice and green but small :weary::weary::weary::weary:

It does look like it is recuperating. There isn’t much you can do except extend its veg period to allow it to grow bigger before it flowers.

Ok il sure do that thanks for the info

Keep in mind, you’ll probably have to separate it from the bigger plants, it’ll never catch up to them. You’ll just have to continue to veg it separately and then expose it to the 11 or more hours of darkness when it is big enough.

So I should wait for it to grow at least 4 node until put it back to its normal light cycle

The more light – the better, for the most part, to get it to grow faster.