I need help with my plants.lots of defecincy and now nute burn

i have super silver haze and gorilla glue 4 the 2 in the airpots are GG
so i was ph balancing my water with my advanced nutrients
grow bloom and micro 60ml of each for 4 gallons and i add dynogro protek 10ml for 4 gallon to 5.5 and i first noticed something was wrong when i seen leaves starting to yellow and shrivel up under my canopy. now iv seen brown spots show up looking like rust and one plant is spotted with them, the leaves are almost burning in half in some spots like i tore them also finding new lower vegation falling off. iv since flushed my plants and ph balanced to 6.5 and gave half nuts but it looks like there nute burning now in spots. will it correct itself in time? its been about a week and some areas its better some its not. the new growth also looks really light compared to the rest of the leaves
i try to keep humidity at 55% but its hard with a/c sometimes drops to 45
i have one 315cmh and 4 600w leds (leds only draw about 125w a piece true wattage)
i lowered the lights to about 20 inches, it seemed to get worse so i thought it was light burn so i quickly raised them.i got worried it was heat stress also so i hung up a hygometer and it was over 95f at times on my canopy. i put more fans aimed over the cannopy pushing heat towards my out take fan now
i am scroging and have a minor fgnat problem

this is only my second grow so im still fairly new to all this. im not sure what im dealing with. multiple deficiencys due to to low ph 5.5? light burn? heat stress? fgnats? iv tryed to narrow it down but dosnt seem like i can. it looks like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus deficiency.

I use AN ph perfect Sensi bloom A and B for coco plus Bud Candy and never had to adjust ph.
If I remember correctly it was always around 6-6.5
( I haven’t checked in a long time since it’s always been good)
But ph is important for nutrient uptake, so that might be an issue.
Hopefully someone with more grow experience will chime in.

ya iv seen that now that im doing ph around 6.5 i dont even have to try and balance it. i was told to do around 5.5 to 6 ph by a grower i know for soil which is for a hydroponic setup now that iv done more research. the run off when i first started to flush was only 5.3 for ph