I need help with my first grow

This is my first time growing. I actually have 2 autos I just harvested which so far turned out great. I bought all my seeds from ILGM except for two my friend gave me to grow. I can’t figure out if it’s female, male, or hermi. Please help!

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That plant 100% has male parts and has blowed his load on at least 1 sack I see. Mist him down with water cover with a trash bag. And get rid of him.


Male. Trash it ASAP. It looks like its pollinating a bit. In the process of removing it, be careful that it doesn’t cross-pollinate with a female in the process.


Chop this guy down

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Thanks everyone! I figured as much and it’s my fault for trying to grow them. I was overly excited and planted these a couple of days before my ILGM order arrived. I’ll stick with my ILGM seeds from now on.


KILL KILL KILL! :nauseated_face: Balls = BAD!!! Well except on us males LOL :rofl:WE kinda need them… :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the community of growing weed. Gently slide a trash bag over plant an get rid of it. Good luck

That’s male for sure or it could be hermi

You may know this already, but you will still run into this potential problem with ILGM seeds as well unless you buy “feminized” seeds. Even still, you can stress them during Veg stage and they can hermi. Food for thought. Keep at it though! You’ll meet the right girl(s)! :blush:

Male… burn it to the ground, double bag it and say good bye… or that’s what I would do.

Happy gardening

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