I need help with my crop of Autoflowers, please!

Hello everyone and thank you for helping out! I have 5 plants in a small tent. I put them on water for two days on January 22nd ( About three weeks ago) then 2 days on paper towels and then transferred them to a jiffy pellet for about a week. I transplanted them to a super soil dirt last week. They are in 3 G eco-pots. I put flowering formula at the bottom half and veg formula on the top half. I added osmocote red and blue on top after transferring them ( 1 tbsp of each)and some b1(.25-.50cc per liter) only. I bought a LED square full spectrum light that said 300W but came to realize that it’s true watts were 65 so I added a clamp with another LED bulb 50 w-75 true won one side on the square lamp to try to keep it at the same distance. I measured and made sure that the top of the closest plant is at least 30-35cm away from the top. I am adding another bulb this week and reading the PH 6-7. I am keeping them between 27-32c but couple of days were super hot and it went up to 35! I have been only watering them when they look dry, about 400ml per plant every 2-3 days. When very hot, I spray them a little and around if they look dry. Humidity has been mostly between 60-70 although during those hot days it went down to 50. I have put the air on a timer and trying to keep them 27-31 as much as I can. The leaves began to turn yellow and curl dow on some of them after those hot days. They seem to all sort of be a little pale and leaves curling down a little. It has been about a week since they began to de-color a little some of the bottom leaves that first turn a little yellow on the edges turned brown. They seem ok after we watered them, but they seem to slowly all began to curl a little and turn a bit yellow. This would be the third week since I put them on water. 11433165862582|281x500 11433241989046|375x500 11433241008819|375x500 11433184026781|281x500

Try not to water right on the plant

2 of them definitely look nute burned. I am not at all familiar with your soil/nutrients, but they’re probably very hot and not quite made for cannabis?

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ok. Thank you

Thank you for your reply! Yes, it is specially done for growing cannabis. My expert friend thinks is ph problems. I am getting the reader calibrated again and checking. When you water, do you water with 20 percent extra and read the runoff ph? We have only been watering small amounts about 400ml per plant or a little less thinking that they did not need that much water. wrong? Could the burnt sign also be ph related instead?

I also think that I should add another light bulb to the other side 50w LED. Right now I have 5 plants and true watts 1 LED that was supposed to be 300w but the true watts is 65w. So we added a bulb LED 50 W=65w to one side of the LED full spectrum box because they were stretching a little. So total true watts about 130w. I also think that it could be light?

Could be pH, but biggest culprit is probably nute burn. These are young plants. You put them into hot soil and fed them, correct?

Only try one fix at a time or you’ll never know what actually works.

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I’d tame the water down to like 1/2 of what you are doing. That is way to much water for such a small plant.

Were you able to see the photos?

I was but they are blurry.

Yea I was being dumb, my b

My little ones get watered every few days until they root. Other than that I mist the leaves a few times a day everyday.