I need help with Leaf issues

I’m currently into my 3rd plus week with my autoflower of sour Diesel and northern lights both of which I started inside and now have moved outdoors during the day getting about 11.5hr day light with about 8hrs of direct sun here in Los Angeles. I started moving them outside about a week ago and today noticed minor leaf issues. I’ve read a lot but it seems like a lot of issues look like other possible issues and with these being autoflower and short on time not to mention a first time grower I need to fix this asap. Here are a couple pictures and any and all advice with be much appreciated.

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Kinda looks like to me that it’s a calmag deficiency but don’t rule it out yet it could also be water on the leaves that made the spot just keep an eye on it and if it spreads and gets all over multiple leaves it’s calmag. Looking decent so far :+1:


Still a new grower, but my understanding is brown spots on new growth is calcium deficiency.

Thanks, This is what it looked like later in the day.

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Can you please fill out a support ticket to give us all the details we’ll need to help you? Just copy and paste it into a post on this thread.

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Yes fill support ticket out and we can pin point everything you have done thus far

Also not sure if you have seen this diagram but could come in handy in the future :sunglasses:

I have two stains going both autoflower one sour diesel and the other is NL. I kept them indoors for the first couple weeks and now moved them outside.
I’m using foxfarms happyfrog soil along with big grow and big bloom in a 5 gallon pot. I keep them outside during the day from about 6:30am-6pm then bring them inside for another 6hrs under lights. I’m watering twice a week since the pot is large and they are only 3 plus weeks the last watering being the morning I started noticing the issues I’m having. The phof the water was 6.2 and it was just water alone with ph down. If i missed any other needed info please let me know, this is my first grow and I’m pretty much lost. Here are additional pics from today from both plants
Any additional help would be great
Thanks everyone

![image|666x500](upload://dM tf0HWiXtSp5OW5tnC8B9g4erm.jpeg)

One additional picture

What is your slurry/run-off pH? Need to know the medium pH.

Are you getting nutes on the leaves?

What kind of lights inside?

What kind of medium?

Why are you moving them back inside?

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Thanks for the help but I’m sadly ignorant when I comes to growing anything, I’m trying to learn on the job so not sure about everything you are asking.
1.The last time I checked my run off was high, 5.2 so when I finally watered them (2 days later) yesterday I just used water. Water was 6.2 and these issues started later that day, not sure if that matters.
2.I think I’m getting nutes but not sure.
3.I dont know what you mean when you ask what my medium is
4.I started indoors with lights and when I felt I could safely move them outside I started moving them on my balcony. I was concerned if I move them outside when they first sprout the sun my be to powerful and kill them or wind damage and since I read that they need about 18 hrs of light I bring them in under the lights for the additional hrs. Right now they are getting about 12 hrs of daylight, 7am-7pm and a additional 6 under lights. I’ll attach current pics of plants as well as lights
Thank you again
5. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082YWKWGH/ref=ppx_od_tab_ap_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

5.2 is low run-off. What medium you’re using is what “soil” you’re using? Soil, Coco, peat? Each has different pH requirements, but in all of them, 5.2 is low.

Autos can get by on any light schedule, as long as they’re getting a minimum of 12 hrs of light a day.

I’m using fox farms Happy Frog. Any idea what I have going on based on the pictures? If its fixable I’d like to fix the issue asap since they are autoflower so limited on time.

Pictures only paint one picture.

Again, your soil tested at 5.2? You think that’s high?

After you put in the 6.2, what was your medium’s pH?

It’s probably pH & nute burn. PH can cause nute issues. So can over watering and overfeeding.

Assuming that’s what I have going on what option do I have? Six days ago when I tested my runoff after adding water with fox farms big bloom and big grow using the suggested amount that’s when I got the 5.2 reading. Since I was doing the normal watering that day I guess technically I’ve never done any tan actual runoff and with that being said my concern is overwatering of the plants. I hear so much about overwatering how does that work in regards to flushing your plant out when you’re adding a ton of water?
It seems to me if you’re adding a ton of water you’re running the risk of causing water issues in the roots am I not? I understand that’s what I need to do but I’m just trying to understand how it works between the two similar actions One being watering the other being flushing. I hope you don’t mind I’m picking your brain.
Any chance it could also be the sun, it’s 96 in LA today and I do have them in black 5 gallon pots?
Again, thank you for your help

PH is your concern.

Flushing is a once and done thing. Overwatering issues build up overtime.


Thank you, I’ll give it a shot

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My greenhouse has been in the 100s for 2 days w/out any issues. Outdoors, they can tolerate a much wider range of temp/humidity.

Have you thought about leaving them outside 24/7?

Yes, I would prefer to. I had some herbs that sprouted outside on my balcony but after a couple days of 90° weather they appeared to be dying so I assumed that dealing with my marijuana plants would be the same so I kept them in side under the light for about the first two weeks. It sounds like I should be able to do the entire grow either initially through a window or directly on my balcony guess without killing the plant. If I thought about it logically, it grows in the wild in my climate without any issues from beginning to end so I probably should be fine.