I need help with her she been growing like crazy for 6 months

What lights are you using? It almost looks like it’s stretching, also if you would to slow it’s growth down, top the plant, it takes a few days for a sativa to recover and roughly just under a week for an indica to recover. Also, some LST techniques can help as well.

All natural sunlight indoors by the window. This plant is a hybrid.

That’s not enough light for a healthy cannabis plant. You should be supplementing with some kind of grow light.


That would be why it’s stretching like that then, like @raustin said, you have to supplement it with light if you’re going to keep it indoors. If you want, you can carry the plant outside and bring it back inside at night if you’re worried, although you have to be careful about pests and such.

Check the Daily Light Integral (DLI) for your region. The minimal amount required for cannabis to grow properly is a DLI of 22, and it can handle (with Co2) a DLI of up to 65. If you would like to see how much light your plant is actually getting, go out and get a PAR meter. This will tell you how much light your plant is receiving which is measured in umol/s and is called PPFD.

If you aren’t entirely sure of where to go, a simple 400w HPS bulb will definitely help your girl out and control some of that stretching.


I agree about the light is insufficient
And causing her to streach
You definitely need to get some sort of light to flower her properly

6 months old? Oh my God, she looks like 30 days old! No sun, no nature.

My plant gets 12 plus hours of light all natural. I live az plenty of sun

What size pots are you using and
What direction does that window face ?
Doesnt look like your getting enough direct sunlight on her
She is small for 6mo old and under developed
We are only trying to help @Scrivy35

Heres a picture of my outdoor plant in full sun she was planted back in may


Def not enough light over by that window. Even if she’s getting 12 hours of light, it’s not direct light, and that’s really what these plants like. A southern facing window would give you the most overall light but you really need the sun’s rays to be coming through the window and hitting your leaves for a substantial amount of hours for her to be able to flourish. With the amount of natural light dwindling now you’re gonna want to get a supplemental light because if she starts flowering your yield won’t be very much. Good luck.