I need help with customer service

I am pretty new at this. Placed my first order with ILGM and attempted to pay with CC. That didn’t work, and they steered me to the bank to bank option that I am not allowed to mention here that starts with the letter Z. This order was completed successfully. January 23, another order was placed and paid for immediately using the same method. After a few days and not hearing anything back from them, I sent an email. They replied saying that they had not received it or it was part of some payments they couldn’t match to an account. I sent a screenshot as requested, and asked to be notified as soon as they got it straightened out. I have yet to hear back from the, and have sent multiple emails requesting follow up. Not sure what to do now, they seem to have gone dark on me. The order # is 510774


They are in Europe, so sometimes takes a day or 2 for a response.

I can guarantee you they will make it right. ILGM customer service is legendary.

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Thank You, sure hope so. Their customer service is what attracted me to their site

@ILGM.Stacy, can you handle this?

FYI this is a grow support forum so have nothing really to do with the seed store.

Give them a chance and you’ll be happy with your seeds. As @AAA stated they are in Amsterdam so 8 hour difference.


Thank you, but it has been days.

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She’ll take care of you.

Again, thank you. I have yet to read anything bad about ILGM. I did start three from the first order, and after almost 5 days they showing very little taproots.

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Honestly ILGM will do the right thing by you. I live in Australia and buy alot of seeds through ILGM and there are often delays and also problems with getting the seeds through customs. This company resent a large seed order 3x’s (i recieved it the 3rd time) as customs kept intervening. I was probably a little aggressive when contacting ILGM to let them know that the order had not arrived the first 2xs, and they were always very professional in their response and always helped rectify the issue. Keep on to them, they are a great company, but as they say " the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Hope you get it sorted soon

I would bombard them with messages until i got a response, i maybe a little aggresive but its always worked for me.

Thank you, I guess I am having a hard time understanding the billing process. If I order from you, and I realize this billing process is totally different than what I am used to,I should not have to contact them. If the order is not paid for whatever the reason, they should be proactive and contact me. hey you bum, pay up!! I am sure it will work out, just different. I have posted other questions in the past and usually have an answer next day, but this transaction must have made them mad

I shall thanks

Hi there,

I will make sure my colleague from finance will get in contact with you to sort this out first thing tomorrow!
This is taking too long, we will get to the bottom of it!

Please note that we are situated in a different time zone, however, we will always get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays. :slight_smile:


Thank You Stacy, yes it has

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Stacy replied this morning, and someone from Finance will reach out to me tomorrow I am guessing. Thanks for your help


Good stuff, I knew they would come through for you. They are the best. Good luck with your grow :ok_hand: :crossed_fingers:

Thank You, we will see tomorrow I guess.

Hi Stacy, did you get a hold of your cohort in finance? Have not been contacted yet


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Hey Rene, it’s helps if you put an @ in front of their handle.


Do this if you want to alienate them, think about how you want to be treated!


So true Merlin. In the end we are all people trying to get a job done, vinegar or honey. At work, do you help out the jerks or the nice people more and quicker?