I Need help! what happened with it?


I have no idea what happened with it?


What is your water PH?


The water PH is 5.5~6.5


For hydro I believe you want to stay around 5.5-5.8, something like that. I’ll let others assist more since I’m a soil guy. I figured the question would be asked so I thought I’d save you some time. I’m sure you’re anxious for answers.

6.5 is pretty high for hydro but let’s see what hydro growers say.


and welcome! :slight_smile:

These people are good, you’ll be led the right direction.


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Filling out a complete support ticket when asking for support will greatly help with diagnosis and quick responses.


Your water level is to high… water level should be at least 1 inch below net cup… :wink:



@Naomi she look’s like shes to wet …lower the water level to 1/2 -3/4 in below the hydroton no nutes yet .but for a better answer please fill out a support ticket .and this will help us to help you .

hammer .