I need help to find out what's causing this problem & what will fix it?

Hello every one, I’m new to these forums and I’m not sure if my post is in the right place or not. I had trouble trying to make a post at all.
I’ve grown cannabis for many years now, but I have a problem appearing and I don’t have a clue what this is, or what’s the cause of it, or the fix of it. Here’s a few pics of it. Does any one here know or have an idea of what this is? Thanks in advance.


Hi there. I am new also. I can’t be of much help here but I am sure the experts will be along shortly.

I would go ahead and fill out a Support Ticket and paste it into this thread.

Lets tag a few people. @dbrn32 @Hellraiser @repins12 @Covertgrower @ze

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There are some things there that kinda look like Tobacco Mosaic Virus. But I see a bud that kinda looks like it has botrytis too. I would like to see a little more information.

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Not sure on the virus, but definitely see bud rot.


Yep, some bud rot going on.

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Welcome ! I agree with other members. you mentioned how to fix it less rain, lower humidity an more air flow. Also you need to cut off and get rid of the affected areas it can spread.