I need help telling what strain these are

Hi everyone
I’m a newbie who forgot to label the plants on my first indoor grow. I purchased an auto pack from ILGM and germinated 1 Northern Lights and 1 Blueberry on approximately 4/7
That said, I will post pics of both my girls. Can anyone tell me which is Blueberry and which is NL? One is about ready to chop and the other hasn’t even flowered…

I’d be more concerned about getting your plants healthier. The top picture looks like nitrogen deficiency. Actually, all of them looking hungry


I think ur 2nd pic is blue berry and the top one is nl. But as @HornHead said they look hungry what nutes u using? U know ur ph and ppms?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I know I’ve had some issues with my girls, and I actually posted asking for help with only one reply. I tried giving nutes and top dressing, but this only seemed to make my problem worse causing nute burn. I then realized my runoff ph was running too high at 7.30, and after that reduced my ph going in. Hopefully they are on the mend because these problems went on for weeks but seem to be getting better finally. I’m open to any advice you have. Btw, I started using cal mag at suggestion from local grower.

I’m using coast of Maine soil with some worm casting top dressing. Then I started adding FISH SHIT organic soil conditioner but seemed to make worse. Switched my flower girl emerald valley cal mag and same brand boost em. Only cal mag recently for the one that hasn’t flowered. I’ve reduced my ph in to 6.3 recently to counteract for high run off ph

Btw, no idea what my ppm is. Not even sure how to check. Sorry… total newbie

It’s ok so ur going to want to get a ppm pen like 15 bucks on amazon then u will want to test the ppms like u would with a ph pen but with ur ppm meter of ur phed out water then u will want to water till run off. Collect ur run off water check the ppms of that. From thier u will be able to tell easier if they need food or not. In budding I try to keep my ppms around 1100 constantly. But I’m in coco maybe different in soil.

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I think that coast of Maine soil is just like kind soil. Would you want to water to runoff?

Ok sounds good. Thank you!

Ppm pen ordered and will be in Thursday evening. Do you think I should give nutes tonight with their feeding? I’m thinking the one in flower only has two more weeks bc of some trichomes being cloudy and some clear. Someone local told me I should start flush soon but I’m also hoping she beefs up a bit.

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How long she been flowering?

She’s been flowering since about May 10th