I need help starting up

Questions from a fellow grower:

  1. What type of potting soil do you recommend for starting seeds

  2. Can I use the same potting soil to transplant in later

  3. I live in Oregon and want to grow outdoors what month is good to start.

Thanks any help would be great

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Good month to start would be next month (march, 18th) since your wanting to grow out doors, use specially formulated seed soil I’ll get pictures

Maybe my phone is being retarded I’ll try and get pictures

Would you start inside now and move outside or plant the seeds outside on the 18th

I’d start inside now and move out on the 18th of March that way they are already a month old and kicking into gear

So Do you plan on planting in the ground? If so just use moisture control dirt for them in pots and/or in the ground

I am going in the ground

What is a good moisture control

I’ll upload pictures of the soil to use for seeds and for when transplant takes place my apologies for delayed reply I usually answer right away, ahh sweet, I like the results from growing in the ground its awesome but I’ll definatley be back with pictures some time today

Seed starting soil

Soil you put in hole where your transplanting

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Thank you for all your help

Yea not a problem again sorry for delayed replys have had my hands full this entire last week

I was looking at the CashCrop 4.0 which I was going to put downstairs in an unused part of my cellar…live in an old farm house and this portion of the cellar is part of the original house dating back into mid 1800’s. It’s unfinished and no one goes into this room… currently where I live it’s negative 22 degrees F outside and this cellar is 40 degrees. My thought is this is probably too cold to grow in, but I was wondering if grow lights would keep the little angels warm enough or should I consider other options? The comments re: the stealth box make it seem the better choice if one is able would be to grow a single larger plant on a continual basis. If that is the case then does one need to be concerned about reflection and the like, and would the smell of the flowers come into the main living quarters upstairs? Whatever anyone can share with me would be greatly appreciated… money is quite tight, thanks. TDK

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@garrigan62, can I get some help over here I haven’t done the cash crop4.0 so I’m no help and a, stealth box would be good, and reflectiveness helps keep light distributed and as for the light to hear up a basement probably a 600 watt mh/hps set up, it would probably warm it up from 40-50 degrees, and add a small space heater in there and I bet you could get it warm enough in there, how many are you trying to do in how big of a space . Cause honestly that will have to do with how much you spend

Well tobe honest here I haven’t either. But I can say this. My grow room has got down to 60 even 60 the other nutrients ght. Thats when I went out and bought a little heater for $15.00 it was ok for a bit even though I have been pushing it. I have one 1000 watt hps ventef and it would bring the heat up around 78 degrees with temps outside around 27
So im thinking a 600 watt should do the trick. Especially if he is just starting out. Cause he would still have vegg to go which should put him rightvat spring for flower.
Reflecting, the more the better.
Ibwould go for it.


Thanks buddy much appreciated

No problem my friend no problem at all.


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i have used cash crop.
it comes with 3 14w cfl bulbs. there is no way those bulbs will increase temp from 40 to 70+.
even with the benefit of being in an enclosed space. youd be lucky to get it up in the 50’s i think.

the box has a ventilation fan on backside,…that will exhaust the air from inside box. causing fresh air to be drawn in from the seams. if that fresh air is 40F…yeah, too cold.

if you changed the bulb, i stuck one of those UFO L.E.D lights in the CashCrop box after realizing the 3cfl bulbs were super-weak. but, that particular light didnt put off much heat either. to make up that much of a difference in temp, you would need an H.I.D type of bulb, in an enclosed area. and theyre typically too large to fit in CashCrop box.

there are alot of affordable tents available. like 3’x3’ x 6.5’ high. if you had an HID bulb in there, you might be able to get in the 70’s.
the tent i use is 10x10, and its about 40 degrees outside and maybe 55 in my garage, where tent is. with my 1000w HID bulb on, temp stays in high 70’s. for the hours when light is off. i have a small electric space heater on a timer, if i didnt, temp drops to low 50’s. which is pushing the limits of acceptable.

I used the soil you suggested and these are about 12 days old how do they look to you

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They look good healthy