I need help really bad

I am growing with a outcrop inovations 100 watt full spevtrum bulb I am in flower should I add a 100 watt red led to my full spectrum…can I use both toghether

Photosynthetically available radiation (light) is light, so you can combine spectrums and fixtures in any way, up to the point you have too much light.

The title and you question are totally different tones. What’s happening? Pictures (under white light) are useful.

100 watt red seems like alot of red. But use them.

Usually in quantum board lights there is maybe 4-6 red (660nm) (& less of the 760nm) on a board. 1-6 quantom boards on a fixture.

Now With that being said. Having only a100 watt light for your flower stage. That does NOT seem like enough light. Maybe for 1 small plant , and if it was a quality light.
Get some light in there or you won’t get the buds you want.
I have in the past , in a tight spot used multiple led lamp bulbs from walmart. ( get the longer lasting ones , its worth it) .
A mix of day light white & soft white led bulbs, i cut off the the plastic bulb (defusers) with a hack saw. So the LEDs where exposed , I believe i had 8 of them with 2 Blurple “150” watt cheap grow light fixtures. This was on a single 4’ plant. Our did produce buds.
Another option might be to get some LED garage light strips. They are not the brightest , but on a budget they can work if you get enough of them. They are around 40 - 60 watts per 4’ length.

That bulb pulls 23watts at the wall. It’s not really enough to flower any decent cannabis. Adding red hued bulbs will have zero to minimal impact. For flowering you want a light spectrum of 2600-3000k, or 3500k for an all around light (veg/flower).

We’ll be more than happy to direct you to proper lighting, but details would be needed. Budget, size grow canopy, expectations etc.


4 to 6 plants
maybe top once using soil which one idk
must be budget friendly i have ff nutes trio

i do not know how to train plants

a super soil might be the way to go

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If you’re using fox farms nutes, you might as well use their soil. I like the ocean forest. It’s a good soil that will give you 3-6 weeks of easy growing.

4-6 plants will require a fair amount of light. If you’re in a tent you might get away with 4 plants in a 4’x4’ tent. I found that 6 plants were perfect in a 4’x8’ tent.

To light a 4’x4 Tent will require 800± watts at the wall of cmh, hps, or blurple panels, or 520 watts ±of high efficacy quantum boards, strips or cobs.
This is an example of a great light that will effectively flower a 2’x4’ area (you’d need 2 for the 4x4, or 4 for a 4’x8’). Good lighting is not cheap.

There are ways to save a few dollars if you’re into diy, but ultimately if you want great bud, you need great lighting.


I’ll also add that everything follows from lighting: hitting your PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) means plant is moving water and salts to build canopy from which flower is formed. You could have the best nutrient line on earth and everything else is just perfect but without good light you can’t use it.

Probably the best value would be CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide), or MH/HPS (Metal Halide/High Pressure Sodium). You would need to run around 800 watts of it to flower off that space like @Drinkslinger pointed out. You will also have to manage for heat.


van you recommend one on amazon

If it has to be on Amazon, this is the essentially the same fixture, but pre-assembled. You’re paying a premium for the assembly, as well as the limitations of Amazon’s warehouses.

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I cannot do the diy and ready to go is to much what elde is good is spider farm good

Spider Farmer is a manufacturer; how big is the tent or closet you’re using? Depth, width, height. With that info we can recommend a specific light as well as a number of plants to grow in that space.

Hello @dreamweaver,
I am not one really to be giving advice as I am a first time grower myself. I was using 600w MH/HPS lights and have shifted to HLG led’s. The lights @Drinkslinger has suggested are the ones I purchased for my 3 x 3 x 7 grow tent and they are a little expensive but worth the money. @dbrn32 helped me to sort my lights out and I am very happy with the change over.

I am sure you will get it sorted and have a successful grow.
Happy Growing