I need help possible clawing

I am doing an indoor grow. My seeds are AK-47 feminized. I am using General hydroponics floragrow liquid for my fertilizer. My leaves are starting to curl. I have the humidity inside the tent around 60. Lights are on for 18 hours at 20 inches away. It looks like they might be clawing. I water daily and I’ve been using a rapid four

in one tester. PH level is good but it keeps telling me I could use more water. That seems to be my issue clawing is from too much water. I might go get a new tester but I just bought this one. Any other suggestions?


Welcome to the community. I don’t believe you should water daily. Let them dry out a bit. About your PPH tester saying you need more water? That is new to me. Someone else could explain that. happy growing :rofl: :bat:


Transplant it, it’s ready for a bigger home


That’s drooping, not clawing, and it’s from over-watering, let them dry out between waterings.


Interesting. I just started watering daily as the soil seemed really dry. So drooping not clawing. I will not water this evening. Will less watering stop them from drooping? Is this a fixable problem? I am three weeks in, would hate to lose these beauties.

The tester is a 4 in 1. Measures moisture, ph, light, fertilizer. All new to me. Registered on the dry side, so I began to water more frequently - daily

That is really not a good ph tester. Many growers use Apera testers like myself. You could grow without one but not advisable . PH is very important in growing. :rofl: :bat:

Using a bigger pot will also make it easier to water. Give a good soaking, wait several days before watering again…

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It’s pretty easy to recover from, just don’t water so often but make sure you are watering enough when you do water by watering to runoff. I normally give my sprouts 4-5 oz of water and that gets a decent amount of runoff.

Those 4 in 1 testers are pretty useless, specially for ph, don’t count on it and get a decent digital ph meter/pen.


Many apera models to choose from. What do you recommend?

I use apera ph20 ph tester. It has solutions to adjust your unit if need be. I got mine on amazon , can’t remember about $50. Tho , very nice unit. Maybe others could give there ph testers choices. happy growing :rofl: :bat:


To transplant as two of my seedlings are only 3 weeks and the other three are two weeks. I was going to transplant into either a 10 inch pot with good drainage or a grow bag or possibly using both

The seedlings are only 3 weeks old and some are only 2 weeks old. I thought I would have to wait another week or so before I transplant. I have an 11 inch pot but it also have grow bags. I was thinking about putting the pot in the grow back to be honest with you it fits real nice


Give the big one a transplant to the fabric grow bag. Into cannabis friendly soil. Should recover nicely. Community has you covered. over overwatered


Definitely a transplant will help with the drooping and overwatering.
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