I Need Help PLEASE!

Ok, my pH water is in the 6-7 range, I have pH strips at the moment. Waiting for my correct pens to come in to check ppm and all that good stuff. Waiting for more lights. But I have two plants that are starting to curl up like canoes… I don’t know if it’s too much water but I water them every 2 sometimes 3 days because I’m scared of overwatering. And I can’t tell if it’s heat stress but I’m not sure because I’ve read so much up on this stuff I’m trying to do it right. It’s my first time growing so I know there will be problems but I’m a perfectionist and I hate when things go bad​:man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::dizzy_face:

What kind of light do you have and how close in inches is it from the top also is your fan directly on the plants

I have cfl lights and I won’t think they are too close they kind of have some space in between idk if these pics will help, I’m growing in my closet so I have my fan on the outside on low

Excuse the mess, been trying to situate everything accordingly till I get more packages. Kinda ordering as I go because I read about it as much as I could before actually doing it. And I’ve never really grown anything before so when they sprouted and popped off like they have I kinda got shocked lol

Also I only have a box fan until I can get other fans and exhaust. So I’m doin the best I can but the box fan is on the outside of the closet on low cause I don’t wanna cause wind damage. I know a little about plants because I work outside landscaping but I know every plant is different.

I would try to move the lights up a couple more inches
I keep my light no less then 18 inches from the top
But maybe its heat stress can you tell how hot its getting in there also could be the air is to dry try to spray your plants with water a couple times a day just to see

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Thank you that helps alot, also would it better with or without the reflectors?

I kinda of have the same thing on my leaves just not as bad I think its just close to light or the air is dry

I would say with the reflector
I dont know what you have to spend but there a guy on ebay that sell tent with 600 hps lights and fans 4 by 4 tent if you go with this size tent get the 600 hos light it comes with a blast that you can change from 400 to 1000 hps you just need the buckets but its like $500 and you can grow 4 really nice plants in there
Digital_grower on ebay the tents are hydro crunch

Also growing in regular potting soil, nothing special. I used a root booster and a normal plant food, again nothing fancy because I didn’t know about it just yet but their not dead from the stuff I’ve been giving. Just lookin for any advice really.


just let them do there thing i use hydroponics and just use iguana juice grow for veg and bloom for flower i don’t micro mange if it looks like it need trim i trim it
Sounds like your doing it right learn as you grow
Check out Mark emery learn how to grow good cannabis

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