I need help on the sex of this plant ....the strain is Haze

What I see coming out of that top node is female pistils.

That’s what I think it is …I have another question when is the best time to top this baby??

Anytime shes ready now.

Is it normal for her to start showing her sex at this stage??

I’m a little surprised, with what looks to be rather short and small plant, but it could totally be normal. What is the strain? What type of haze? And what is the light schedule and how old is it?

It’s afghan Haze a friend gave me that seed Im growing it outdoor it’s about a month and a half old and the light schedule is 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hour night I live in the Dominican Republic…is it normal??

Yes, this does sound normal, especially with the light to dark ratio you have. Most regular photo-period (as opposed to auto-flowers) plants will start flowering when they get a lot more than 10 solid hours of darkness.

They do look mostly like pre-flowers, so the plant will likely grow some more before it really starts to go full flower, hopefully, as I’m sure you’d like it to get a bit bigger for a bigger yeild.

If it doesn’t get much bigger and you would like them to get bigger in the future, you can supplement for longer light with artificial light.

You could even do that now to ensure more vegetative growth before it goes into a full flowering mode. You might get a bit of what is called “monster-cropping”, which is re-vegetating a flowering plant, this causes a bunch of new branches to grow and you could have many large developed tops growing out of it. When it gets to a decent size then you can let it get the 11 or so hours of darkness to have it finish up into flower.

So what should I do pls give the steps

You could use some high power compact fluorescent lights, a few 45 watts - 65 watts CFLs at least would be good. Get the “true day light” or “pure white” kelvin color rating, a 5000 - 6500 K rating would be good. Or you could invest in some actual horticultural grow lights.

You take the lights and before sun-up, or near sun down, choose one or the other, or you divide the added light up evenly on both sides of the natural day, but why make the work harder for yourself, you put these lights kind of up close to the plants and give them a couple more hours of intense light per day, so they are getting less than 10 hours of solid darkness a night. You want to keep the schedule consistent, adding the light at the same time of day for about the same overall duration of light, including the sunlight per day. If you can give them 16 hours of light a day, that would be good. Then later when ready to flower you let them get the 11 hours or more of darkness as stated above.

So give them at least 3 more hours of light after the sun sets should be good??

Yes, that would probably help. And you might want to start a little before the sun is totally set, the whole point is to keep a lot of intense light on the plant, to stimulate the right hormones and such to keep it in a vegetative growth state.

Thank you for the tip il send pics in a few weeks to show the progress on it