I need help m plant don t look good at 2 days

My blueberry is 2 days old n its first 2 pot looking leafs are clawing down n its hal the zize as the other plant that’s only a day old it def look sick its in coco loco n ofhf

Have you measured your DLI or done a N-P-K test?

Na how do I

I have jus gotten a TDs meter an a ppm meter forghe water but I’m new to the high tech shit n to growing I eid better with outside dirt an a desk lamp

I’m using a store bought cob 309w outside light I an thinking that’s it so tomorrow first thing I’m buying a new led grow lughti have jus enough cash

Right on! DLI is daily light integral. In a nutshell it’s a metric of how much light a plant photosynthesises over a given period of time. Sounds more like heat or Nitrogen overdose. To measure your par and DLI you could either buy a device to do so OR (I’m gonna catch hell over this) you can download a lux/par/dli app that works really well. Just study up, and ask how to make a light diffuser. You can also buy kits from companies like Rapidstart that can help you measure your N-P-K.
Regardless, most common problems that cause clawing, in my experience, are too much N or heat.

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That would be an EXCELLENT idea

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