I need help im trying to find out what's wrong with my autoflower

How are you watering

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Every 3 days

I asked because it looks over or under watered. How much do you water each time and are you feeding

Also what soil is it or is it coco

I do one bottle of water every 3 days

Its foxfarm coco loco

One bottle gallon or pint

16 ounce bottle

I think your plant is under watered and hungry. 16oz is not enough to get the bottom of your soil wet and the roots are probably dry

So i should water it until it comes out the bottom

I also think it needs fed and I don’t grow in coco but I do know coco has to be fed almost like Hydro

Here this one might help you with feeding, I didn’t read it but it says coco

Ok thank you

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With coco i feed every 2 days. Some feed every day or even twice a day! The trick is to never let it get dry or you will have a really sad plant. I usually water until I get 15 to 30% runoff. It technically is hydro but growing in just water is much different.

Hydro is a little easier, since the water is always in this system. Coco is difficult in single planters and makes it a pain to care for unlike soil.

As for the original poster- check out the auto pot system.

It’s a bottom fed potting system that allows you to fill a reservoir and let it do it’s own thing. Definitely takes the guess work out of making sure your coco isn’t too dry.

Autopot Xl uses a 7 gal planter which seems just enough to make some nice flowers