I need help. First timers here

I have no clue what my plant is. Was in a pack of random seeds. Anyways it has been growing great. It’s gotten got out. I bring it out in the morning and let it set outside till about 1 then put on window seal till dark. It’s in miracle grow moisture control potting mix. I’ve made one of those auto watering pots like a hempy pot. Just started getting the tips on two leafs turning brown with a spot on one leaf.

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Welcome to the forum! I will tag a couple people who may be able to help out. @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410

You definitely wanna get it out of that miracle gro going to burn up that little girl. Tons of good soils out there lots of people go the fox farm route.



If you could pick the worst soil to use, you wouldn’t have missed by much haha. Get it out of that crap ASAP.


I’ve looked it up and alot of people were saying it’s pretty good to use. I did research on it before using it. I will try the other plant in something else them I don’t wanna mess the roots up on this one.

Every squirrel gets a nut and a broken clock is right twice a day. When it comes to miracle gro you might get 2 good grows out of 20 it’s all about luck. Unless you wanna roll the dice I highly suggest soil that works with Pot as it’s not the same as vegetables or rose bushes

If you use search feature on this forum and type in Miracle-Gro you will see multiple listings about problems using MG soil. You will also find post about people that have been able to use it and be reasonably successful. I believe the issue using it is if you start having issues it is difficult to sort out what is going on with plants. Your ph balance in soil could be off, time released nutrients can burn up your plants and you will not be able to control it. If your plants are getting to much nutrients, every time you water they will get another dose. You said that you were going to keep your girl in MG and put another in more cannabis friendly soil, please keep us updated on how they do. This forum is a excellent resource for new and experienced growers because people will post about their success and failures. Good luck and and keep us updated on progress. :v: